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Glow in the Dark Cups

Glow in the Dark Cups

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Glow in the Dark Cups from Noxton are appreciated by one and all. The reason of the well-deserved interest is first of all the fact that the cup (tea or coffee cup, or maybe with a name on it or just with a cool picture - this doesn't really matter) is actually one of the most used things in our everyday life. Perhaps this fact can explain the huge variety of shapes and types of the cups. We bet you know how pleasurable it is to drink a cup of hot aromatic tea in a good company during long winter nights. And a lucky day always starts with a cup of stimulating coffee.

When you are alone with your thoughts there is nothing better to get some calmness and tranquility as to drink a cup of cocoa with cinnamon. And you never sleep better than after drinking a cup of warm milk. In fact the list of these pleasant sensations can be endless because each of us has his own favorite beverage and special secrets about tea, coffee and cocoa ceremonies. Noxton experts, which share that point of view, made sure you will be delighted with the design of the cup as well as with its content.

Luminous cup from Noxton is more than a piece of glass used to drink various liquids from it. It's your own Universe, your own World view and a way to express yourself. When trying to mix business with pleasure we often choose a cup as a universal souvenir or a gift. That's actually a win-win option, especially when you choose a cup made by our company. Its unique features (we mean the afterglow in the dark effect) will make it not just your friend's favorite cup but also a irreplaceable one. Especially because there are some more unique features of the cup than just an ability to glow in the dark.
Pouring a hot beverage into a cup results in brighter glow due to the fact that the glowing cup is also getting charged because of the temperature difference as well as by any source of light. Bigger temperature difference results in higher glow intensity. It can be easily explained in terms of physical properties of materials, but even this fact won't make the self-glow effect less impressive and exciting.

Glowing cup will go well together with other self-glow products: souvenirs with a glow feature, luminous ashtrays, glow in the dark beer glasses, luminescent fridge magnets and others.

You will recognize your favorite glow cup at any time of the day: when it is bright - due to its overwhelming design and color, at night thanks to self-glow feature. Glowing glass of water would be easy to find on the nightstand even when the lights are off. Your luminescent cup will be with you everywhere you go: at work, on vacation. It will also become the first thing you carefully put in a suitcase when moving.

It is worth to note that you can always rely on our support and advice in case you would like to make a glowing cup by yourself. If you have a unique idea but don't have enough skills and abilities to embody it, - Our experts would be happy to help you make a glowing cup (mug, glass) according to your special design. All you have to do - to determine that you just need to buy a glow cup from Noxton. Our experts would help you with the rest. Still have no glow cup? check out the "Contact Us" page and order one today!

Glowing cup photo Luminescent cup photo Cup photo Glow in the dark glass

Composition: Glass, porcelain, ceramic products covered in glowing paint (complete covering or pattern).

Purpose of glowing cups: Used in everyday life and can also become a unique souvenir or a gift.

Recommendations: Store the cup in a well-lighted place. Self-glow effect won't be seen by anyone in a dark cupboard for example so it will be just a waste of its glow potential. But if you'll store the cup in a well-lighted place, it will become completely charged during the day and then will be glowing for a maximum possible amount of time in the dark.

Properties of luminous cups: The glow effect lasts up to 8 hours considering the extinction and then you have to recharge the product. The ability to glow in the dark doesn't get lost in years (it had been laboratory proven that charge and light output cycles will be repeated during more than 200 years). Therefore the lifetime of the glowing cup is only limited by the characteristics of the tableware.

Glow colors: Green, light blue, light green, yellow, red, orange, pink and others.

Safety: Totally harmless to humans (certified product), nonradioactive, nontoxic, will not cause an allergy.

Coffee cup photo Glowing tableware Luminescent cup photo Cup of coffee photo

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Cups:

  1. Luminescent cup set can be used for illumination right after the lights are off.
  2. Combination of various glow colors will result in best self-glow effect.
  3. Luminous glass is even able to glow in ultraviolet (it is also getting effectively charged from it).
  4. Cold or hot beverage may either strengthen or weaken the afterglow.

Become a representative of Noxton Company

There is always an opportunity for you to make a light-accumulative cup by yourself at home.
In order to do this you will have to use a glowing paint for glass and apply it to the surface of the cup using a brush or a sprayer.
After the luminescent paint became dry enough - the glass is ready to use.
It now has a new glow in the dark feature.

Professionals may be interested in our luminous stencil paint for glass.
Our company provides free consultations and technological support.

Noxton Technologies Company is looking for representatives and partners in other regions to work together in the field of glowing and fluorescent paint and finished products as well.
Start your own business with Noxton, the leader in the field of self-glow technologies.
To leave a request, please contact us in any convenient way.

To buy a luminescent cup from Noxton and find out more about the partnership opportunities, please proceed to "Price list" page.

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