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Glow in the Dark Glass

Glow in the Dark Glass

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Glow in the Dark Glasses are treated with a special self-luminous paint for glass surfaces. As a result, they get an ability to glow autonomously in the dark with no help of extra illumination. Just put a treated glass to any bright place. Glow effect will be seen in the dark in 2 minutes already.
Glow in the Dark Glasses can be made in different shapes and design. Various glow colors are available for choose. There is a possibility to keep the original appearance of the glass during the day for as much as possible while giving it a new feature of self-luminescence. Luminous tableware can be used not just as a decoraive element in nightclubs, bars and other places but also for its intended purpose. That means you can drink from a luminescent glass it, wash it, wipe it down, etc. Besides Glow in the Dark Glasses you can order a luminous wineglass, plate, spoon, ashtray and any other cutlery.

Decorative glasses go well together with other self-luminous products like: luminescent cups, glowing ashtrays, souvenirs with a glow effect.

Luminescence effect won't be lost for years. That kind of tableware is totally harmless to humans. Here, at Noxton Technologies, we pay a lot of attention to this issue.
Luminous coating on the glass surface is resistant to detergents. It is also resistant against high temperatures. Self-glowing glass is not treated from the inside. We can also leave the upper edge of the glass untreated.

Glowing glass photo Glass with a glow effect Decorative glass Glow in the dark glass

Luminescent glass composition: Surface of the tableware is being covered with a hiqh quality glowing paint for glass. That way it gets a water resistant coating.

Purpose of the glowing glass: Used for its intended purpose or as a decorative element.

Properties of the self-luminous tableware: Glow in the Dark Glass can be charged by any source of light. After that it becomes able to glow itself with no help extra illumination. Charged glass is able to illuminate the surroundings by emitting a powerful colored stream of light during the first minutes after the charge. It can potentially glow for up to 6 hours considering the extinction.

Features of using the tableware: Wash it in warm water. The use of the rough dish sponges is prohibited.

Recommendations: Charge the wine or shot glasses right before serving the drinks to a customer.

Order options: There is a possibility to order the glowing glasses in 10 pcs packages. While other ordering options are still available.

Health: Harmless to humans.

Glow colors: Green, light blue, yellow, orange, blue, red, pink and others.

Photo of a glowing glass Luminous tableware Luminescent shot glass Glow cocktail

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Glasses:

  1. Luminescent glass with green or light blue glow is translucent. We can say it illuminates the beverage inside.
  2. Warm drink or a cocktail will help the glow effect to last longer.
  3. If you will pour a cold mix in a luminous glass - it will reduce the glow, but if you will pour a hot one - it will increase it instead.
  4. Self-luminous glass more likely won't slip out of your hands because of its luminescent layer.
  5. Luminescent tableware is getting charged from both outside and inside, so the glow intensity significantly increases.

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Noxton Company also reminds its customers that you can make a Glow in the Dark Glass yourself at home, using a Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 of the desired color.
Advertising agencies and design studios can use a silk screening method to get a more vivid self-luminous picture on the surface of a shot, wine or regular glass.
In that case you have to use a special luminescent screening paint for glass.
Detailed instructions will be provided for free.

To buy a Glow in the Dark Glass from Noxton or to discuss your order, please proceed to "Contact Us" page.

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