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Glow paint TAT 33
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Material Safety Data Sheet of Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33

1. Physical condition (aggregative state, color, smell): powder, color Ц white or pale green, no odor.

2. Hazard characteristic: maximum concentration limit (TLV), mg/m3 Ц not established.

3. Hazard class Ц no. Low-hazardous substance in light of its toxicity to humans characteristics. Dust has an irritant effect on upper respiratory tract.

4. Chemical formula: Complex mixture Ц ( CaAl2O4 ) x : ( Al2O3 ) 1- x , where ’=0,941-0,952

5. Composition: General characteristic: strontium-calcium aluminate activated with europium, dysprosium, yttrium.

6. Components (mass fraction, TLV, hazard class, data source):

Component name


TLV, mg/m3

Class of hazard

Dialuminum calcium tetraoxide




Dialuminum trioxide




7. Contraindications: Not established.

8. General characteristic of fire and explosion safety: The material is fire and explosion safe.

9. Data of fire and explosion safety:

  • Temperature of combustion: Not combusting;
  • Explosive limit (low, high): Not exploding;
  • Self-ignition temperature: Not self-igniting;
  • Harmful products of decompounding: Not established;
  • Oxidation capacity: Is not an oxidation agent;
  • Danger caused by combustion products and products of thermal destruction: No, not decomposing until 2500 Co.

10. Recommendations fo transportation: There are no special recommendations. специальных рекомендаций по транспортированию нет. Transportation can be done by all kinds of transports. In the time of loading, unloading, storage and transportation, TAT 33 is not endangering in any way.

11. Parameters characterizing basic properties of substances (material):

  • Fusing temperature (Co) Ц 1600;
  • Decomposing temperature (Co) - Not decomposing;
  • Temperature of 10% of weight loss (Co) - No evidence of weight loss until 2600;
  • Water density (g/cm3) - 4,0;
  • Bulk density (g/cm3) - 1,5-2,0;
  • Water solubility - Not dissolvable;
  • Ph water extract - 6,7-7,3;
  • Solubility in organic solvents - Not dissolvable;
  • Fractional granulometric (grain-size) composition - 10 micrometer Ц 70%; 30 micrometer Ц 100%;
  • External activity - non-hydrophobic.

12. Stability and chemical activity:

  • Stability: The material is stable, not decomposing until 2500 Co;
  • Reactive capacity: Material is chemically inert, not corrosive;
  • Dangerous displays - No;
  • Irritating effect: skin Ц no, eyes Ц no, respiratory organs Ц yes, percutaneous action Ц no;
  • Impact on reproduction function Ц no;
  • Carcinogenic activity - no;
  • Cumulation - no;
  • Migration, environmental transformation: Not transforming.

13. Usage limitations - no.

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