Glow powder, Glowing paint, Luminescent paint

Glow in the Dark. Matting paste

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Glow powder, Luminescent paint, Matting paste
Glow powder, Luminous paint, Matting paste
"Glow in the Dark"
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New technologies of Noxton Technologies Company

"Glow in the Dark" technology

Our company offers next products for sale in this category:

Glow in the Dark Paint from Noxton
Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 from Noxton
Fluorescent paint from Noxton
Fluorescent pigment from Noxton
Light reflective paint from Noxton

Noxton's glowing paint and Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 fields of use:
Glow in the Dark rims and hub caps
Luminous automobile plates and more
Luminescent glass and ceramics
Glowing flowers (both live and cut)
Architectural design and construction works
Interior design with glow effect
Glow in the Dark safety systems
Luminescent t-shirts, caps, jerseys
Glowing aerography on cars and objects
Luminescent souvenirs made of different materials
Glow stones and pebbles
Glowing nail polish
Luminescent paintings
Glowing underwater world
Luminous paving tiles
Luminescent business cards and photo paper
Glow in the Dark gel candles
Luminous body art, drawing on a body
Miscellaneous: glowing sneakers, etc.

"Glass Matting" technology

Our company offers next products for sale in this category:

Matting paste for glass
Matting liquid for glass
Matting paste for granite

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