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Glow in the Dark Decorative Magnets

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Glow in the Dark Decorative Magnets

Glow in the Dark Decorative Magnets

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Buy luminous fridge magnets

Glowing fridge magnets are a modern promising product that belongs to luminous products from Noxton category. Our company is not just the leading producer and supplier of the glow in the dark paint, but is also specialized in creating a wide range of products based on this unique liquid. Manufacture of the luminous fridge magnets is one of the things in this field we do.

Despite the fact that the souvenir magnets already have a huge popularity among people from all over the World we tried to make them even more popular by covering magnets with a luminescent paint, which gives a unique feature of self-glow in the dark that makes them look very unusual and attractive. After all you can always buy ordinary fridge magnets at any gift shop, but you will never find the one that will make you smile not just during the day but will also be seen at night. What is more the cool fridge magnets are unlikely able to surprise anyone nowadays. That is more a classic set of small gifts that we give to our friends and family after having a nice vacation.

Just imagine how much surprised the owner of the glow magnet would be when he will notice its unique feature! It makes your casual "gift" special and cool. You can order Glow in the Dark Fridge Magnets here at Noxton (our Company will make as many magnets as you need). But what if you'll decide to make some luminous fridge magnets by yourself, with no help of our specialists, to create your own unique masterpiece? We would be happy to help you with that!
All you have to do to get the afterglow effect is to apply the luminous paint to the chosen souvenir magnet. Glow in the dark feature of the magnets is especially useful for promotional magnets. The customer can be absolutely sure the advertisement of his product or a trademark will be seen day and night, and what is more, the surprised owner of the magnet will definitely tell his friends and relatives about his new purchase, so there will be even more people who will recognize your trademark! Contact us at any time if you will decide to order the glow magnets for your fridge or would have a wish to discuss the possibility of providing the technical support on the field of use of Noxtons Glow in the Dark Paint.

There are three basic types of fridge magnets (and other appliances):

  • Acryl glowing magnets made of clear plastic. In this case the Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 is added to the material magnet body is made of, while the appearance of the magnet (picture, photo, drawing, etc.) is being chosen according to customer's wishes. This kind of luminous magnets can also come in handy in case you just want to buy a body of the magnet (some kind of "blank") and then to put the picture (text) inside by yourself.

  • Vinyl glowing magnets is a kind of luminescent magnets that you more likely won't be able to make by yourself. That's all because of the fact that the only place where you can operate with magnetic vinyl (it is also called a magnetic rubber) is a factory. The product won't be probably available for retail customers since the order has to include a plenty of items.

  • Office glowing magnets have about the same properties and external characteristics as Noxtons Glow in the Dark Badges. The only difference is that there is a magnet on the back of the badge instead of the pin. So you can check out the properties of these magnets at "Glow in the Dark Badges" page.

glow fridge magnets photo souvenir fridge magnets photo souvenir magnets photo souvenir fridge magnets photo

Composition: Unique and cool magnet with a glow in the dark paint coating.

Properties of the Glow in the Dark Magnets: Glow in the dark autonomously for up to 8 hours considering the extinction, do not require any extra charging source.

Purpose of the glowing magnets: Used as a souvenir, advertisement material, during the promos and as an extra bonus to main product.

Ecology: Totally harmless to humans (nontoxic, nonradioactive, hypoallergenic).

Glow colors: Light green and light blue.

Service life of the luminescent magnet: Depends on the lifetime of the magnet itself since the afterglow feature will never be lost thanks to awesome characteristics of the Glow in the Dark Powder TAT33 from Noxton (its lifetime is more than 200 years).

Recommendations and terms of cooperation: If you need just a couple of glow magnets, you can actually try to make them by yourself following our instructions. That will help you to save money since the prime cost of the magnets depends on the amount of produced at one time items (economies of scale rule applies here).

Order options: Here, at Noxton, you can order the fridge magnets wholesale and retail.

cool fridge magnets photo glow fridge magnets photo souvenir magnets photo photo of cool fridge magnets

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Decorative Magnets:

  1. Luminous magnet is getting charged by a room light in no time. It will always highlight your fridge in the dark.
  2. If you would decide to use a set of self-glowing fridge magnets, then they will perfectly illuminate the surroundings.
  3. Light green glow color of the magnet is the brightest one.
  4. Light-colored magnets glow better than dark ones (afterglow principle of the glow powder).

Become a partner on glow paint from Noxton

In order to make a glowing fridge magnet by yourself, you can buy a luminescent paint from Noxton and apply it to the surface of any souvenir magnet you like.
You can do it at home using an ordinary brush. Luminescent paint for souvenirs is totally harmless to adults as well as to kids.
We provide our customers with detailed instructions and all the necessary information free of charge.
Our extraordinary magnets can be well combined with other self-glow products from Noxton, like luminescent badges, glowing souvenirs and glow in the dark pens.

To check out the prices for cool decorative fridge magnets from Noxton please proceed to "Price list" page.

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