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Glow in the Dark Souvenirs
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Glow in the Dark Souvenirs

Glow in the Dark Souvenirs

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Glow in the Dark Souvenirs can become a unique present for Birthday, Christmas, New Year or any other celebration. The product can glow in the dark by itself after a short charge from any source of light. For example, a room light can charge the self-glowing souvenir in 2 minutes. After the light is turned off the product will be glowing itself for a long period of time. Different luminescence colors are available for choose. There is a possibility to order several types of souvenirs. They can be made of clay, wood, ceramics and porcelain. Shape, size and type of these unique gifts should be discussed in advance.

Self-glowing souvenirs from Noxton are made of ceramics. It can be a candlestick, a figurine, a toy or a decorative small ashtray (see the souvenirs photos below). Souvenirs can be placed absolutely anywhere to complete the interior design and make it much more lively and good-looking. The most impressive idea is to place several souvenirs close to each other. In that case they make a glowing halo which illuminates everything around.

Luminescent souvenirs from Noxton are made using high quality glowing paint for souvenirs, which is 100% nontoxic and harmless to humans. As a result we get a unique self-glowing gift. Luminescence effect stay constant with the lapse of time. That means it will still be glowing in the dark with the same intensity after 10 years of use.

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Grow in the Dark Souvenirs ingredients: Ceramic product with a aolid luminous waterproof coating.

Decorative souvenirs purpose: Unique gifts, business souvenirs, presents for any kind of celebrations; modern decor element.

Luminous souvenirs properties: Product accumulates the energy from any source of light, like: Sun, lamp, UV light, flashlight. Glow can be seen in the dark only. Afterglow duration depends on how long the product has been charging, as well as on intensity of the source. It can glow for up to 4-6 hours considering the extinction. The brightest period of glow lasts 30-60 minutes.

Features of using: It is necessary to serially wipe down the product because of the dust preventing the light penetration.

Recommendations: Use several souvenirs to make a beautiful and lively design. It will visually enhance the glowing effect.

Glow colors: Green, light blue, etc.

Ecological issues: Nonradioactive, nontoxic .

Storage of glowing souvenirs: No restrictions.

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Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Souvenirs:

  1. You can use it as an artificial illumination during the first minutes after it was charged.
  2. During the day, glowing souvenir is indistinguishable from an ordinary one. Luminescent paint doesn't change its basic color.
  3. Our decorative souvenirs are able to glow in ultraviolet as well.
  4. Glow in the Dark Souvenir can also be seen in a dark room (even with no pre-charge).

Become a dealer of Noxton

Noxton Technologies reminds you that it is really easy to make a glowing souvenir by yourself at home, using Glow in the Dark Paint.
Painting process is very simple. Application may be done either using a brush or a spray. In 5 minutes you'll get a unique present with an ability of self-glowing in the dark.
Such an original business idea can help you to build a high profitable company. Noxton endorses opening of new representative offices in different cities and is ready to provide any technical assistance.
Modern souvenirs go well together with other Noxton products like luminescent stones, glowing pens, self-luminous keychains and others.

To see the prices for Noxton Glow in the Dark Souvenirs please proceed to "Price list" page.

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