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Glass Matting Technology. Mat Paste TS 20
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Glass matting. Color glass matting. Mat paste TS 20

Noxton™ owns a technology, which allows to put any image (whatever you wish) on practically any glass surface. Thus labour input and a capital intensity are lowered to minimum.

"Glass Matting" Technology in fact consists of two general directions: sale of the mat paste TS 20, which makes it possible to receive any mat drawing on glass surface, mirror, ceramics, porcelain or granite; and manufacturing of glass forms with certain mat drawing by custom's order (vector, raster and color glass matting).

Matting Paste TS 20 - the newest invention of Noxton™.
Feature of the given mat paste is that it is very easy to use in practice, it is absolutely safe for the health, has high commercial potential. This technology answers main principles of Noxton™.
We suggest to look through main characteristics of mat paste TS 20 - "Material Safety Data Sheet of Matt Paste TS 20".

The mat paste does not contain any acids, gas generation does not occur. The mat cream does not irritate a skin - pH level - 3,5.
When you put mat paste TS 20 on glass, it co-operates with SiO2, beats out silicon from the top layer of glass (depth up to 25 micron). After the surface is matted we gather mat cream TS 20 in plastic pail for further use. The rests wash off with water. Result - an opaque, smooth, matt surface. It is also important that finger prints are not remained. The received image can't be washed off or erased, as it is characteristic of matte glass. Visit "Photo-gallery" to see some samples for this technology.

Matting Paste TS 20 can be used repeatedly up to 7-8 times.
The expense of 1 kg of mat cream - 24 m2 (taking into account reusability).
To BUY our Matting Paste TS 20, contact us using one of the ways in the section "Contacts".

The use of Matting Paste TS 20 is very simple. All procedures of glass matting and drawing on glass can be divided into several steps:

Mat Paste TS 20 is put on the glass, which is preliminary degreased.
A - is a sticky tape, which provides drawing creation instead of solid matte area.
We distribute Mat Paste TS 20 evenly on all glass surface.
The thickness of the cream layer should be 2-3 mm. After the Mat Cream TS 20 is put evenly on the surface,
we need to wait about 15 min.
After the lapse of 15 minutes the Mat Paste TS 20 can be collected back
in hermetic plastic pail for further usage.
The mat paste rests are washed off with water.
After the surface is wiped dry, the result is available.

Color drawing on glass (color glass matting) - as by means of Mat Paste TS 20 it is possible to display any drawing on a glass surface (including color pictures) we assume high consumer value of the given product.
You can order any drawing on glass or other surface with high content of silicon (glassware, mirror, porcelain, ceramics, granite). One of advantages of our Mat Paste TS 20 - fast execution of the order.

Thereby, we can place any image on glass, which has for you certain value: the photo of the person close to you; any place where you spent your holiday; wedding; you with the famous person (a widespread case); you awarded etc.
To make ORDER go in the section "Contacts". For more detailed acquaintance with technology "Glass Matting" pass in section "Photo-gallery".
To see the list of questions, which have already been asked, visit this page: "Client's Questions".

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