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Glow in the Dark Multifunctional Mass

Glow in the Dark Multifunctional Mass

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Multifunctional glowing mass is a kind of versatile paint that can be used multiple times at various types of surfaces. Designers and artists often need to get a temporal glow in the dark effect for a holiday or celebration for example. Classic luminescent paint would help you to paint the surface and give it a permanent afterglow feature. Like if you would've needed to cover decorative bottles on a bar shelf with luminous paint for glass and ceramics. In that case you would've got a self-luminous surface that cannot be wiped off or rinsed with water.

If that is exactly what you need then in that case you can use an ordinary light-accumulative paint for the relevant surface. But if you need to create a glow effect just for a holiday then you would have to choose a multifunctional luminescent mass - the ideal option in that case. When applied to an object, luminous mass gives a desired afterglow effect. At the same time it can be put back into a container after a festivity to use it again.

Glow in the dark universal mass won't dry out when applied to surface. It won't leak as well and can be charged by any source of light in order to glow in the dark. In other words, it has the same properties and operating parameters as the ordinary luminous paint. Its only differences are versatility and reusability. Multifunctional mass comes off easily from an object or a surface when using a trowel while bringing back its original look.

Use that kind of universal paint for different types of surfaces - wood, glass, metal, plastic, parget. Luminous mass can be also applied to clothes and skin.

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Composition: Universal cream mass supplemented with modern Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33.

Purpose: Luminous mass is used as a versatile reusable gel. It can be applied to any kind of surface. Our mass won't dry out with time.

Properties of universal mass: That kind of paint accumulates the light from any source like: ultraviolet, sun, lamp, flashlight and others. In the dark you become able to see its self-glow effect that can be of various colors. Potential glow time is up to 8 hours considering the extinction. While bright phase lasts 30-60 minutes.

Number of use cycles: Not limited.

Surface preparation: Clean the surface from dirt and dust. Wash it to make perfectly clean if needed. In that case, the universal gel would keep its maximum glow feature for a longer period of time.

Recommendations: Use various layer thickness in order to get different density and glow intensity.

Package sizes: Reusable luminous paint is sold in kilograms. Available package sizes - 1 kg and more.

Glow colors: Green, red, light blue, yellow, orange, pink, blue and others.

Service life: More than a year.

Glowing paint photo Universal luminescent mass Multifunctional mass photo Luminous mass photo

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Multifunctional Mass:

  1. Multifunctional luminescent mass can help you to significantly reduce your design service costs due to its glow feature.
  2. Universal self-luminous mass won't leak from vertical surfaces. It can be even applied to ceiling.
  3. Luminous mass is able to give a glow effect in a wide temperature range, from -30C to +30C.
  4. Luminescent cream can be used anywhere outside and inside the house.
  5. Reusable Glow in the Dark Paint can glow under ultraviolet rays.
  6. Due to its total health safety universal gel is often used at body art parties, fashion events and in night clubs.

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Multifunctional luminous paint field of use is pretty wide - from large-scale design projects to individual interior design of your own home.
We are offering you cooperation in luminous technologies business on favorable conditions.
You can open a branch office of Noxton in any city you want.
We would always be happy to help you, as our partner, to develop and find new ways to implement your interesting ideas.

To check out the prices for universal glowing paint from Noxton Technologies, please proceed to "Price list" page.

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