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Glow in the Dark Safety Signs

Glow in the Dark Safety Signs

Prices for Glow in the Dark Safety Signs:
15x15 cm
25x25 cm
30x30 cm
40x40 cm

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Shipping is available to any city in any country.

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Glowing safety signs are made of special self-luminous materials that glow in the dark after being charged from any source of light, with no extra illumination needed. Afterglow intensity is so high when using high quality Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 that now there is even a reason for government to change all the regular safety signs to luminescent ones. The main purpose of glowing safety signs is to draw the people attention at facility, in store, on open area and other places and to inform them about the possible danger, as well as to indicate current restrictions or to tell employees about recommended precautions in case of emergency.

In order to inform people about potential danger or current restrictions that exist at certain location, you can use special signal colors (like red, yellow, blue and others) and self-luminous marking.
Safety signs can be divided into several types according to their glow effect:

  • Regular signs that have no special features shown in the dark. You have to install extra illumination to see what it prescribes or indicates in the dark.
  • Reflective safety signs can be seen by a driver for example when his car lights the sign with its tail lights (important for road signs). That happens due to special reflective paint used in sign production. When light accumulation stops - retroreflectivity effect disappears. But when it becomes dark - sign is seen again.
  • Photoluminescent safety signs bring us to a new level of safety systems. These signs can glow in the dark after being charged for a short time from any source of light. It can be charged by the Sun, ultraviolet, office light, lamp, flashlight, etc. Glow technologies turned out to be very useful in evacuation and fire safety systems. Afterglow effect doesn't get reduced with time. Potential glow in the dark duration is up to 8 hours considering the extinction. That is more than enough to make a decision in case of emergency.

Safety sign photo Luminescent fire safety sign photo Photo of evacuation sign Evacuation sign photo

Noxton Company can offer you different types, shapes and sizes of safety signs in accordance with current legislation. As in Ukraine, standards and requirements that regulate the production of normal and luminous safety signs are presented in special DSTU standard. For Russia it is GOST. The peculiarity lies in the fact that national standard of almost every country is made in accordance or even copying the international standard. Photoluminescent fire safety signs , for example, no matter what country they are produced in, are made according to World standard ISO 6309:1987 Fire protection Safety signs. That means glowing signs from Noxton are versatile and can be used in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Let's distinguish main types of regular and glowing safety signs (pictures are provided by Domznak workshop):

  • Luminescent fire safety signs provide people with information on where firefighting equipment and fire informing devices are located. They also inform employees about zones and materials of high fire risk. These signs have a red square or rectangle shape.

    Fire water supply safety sign Firefighter dry riser safety sign Direction arrow safety sign Manual switch safety sign Fireplug safety sign Fire escape safety sign Fire extinguisher safety sign

  • Self-luminous evacuation safety signs inform people about the possible ways to escape in case of emergency. It is worth to note that glowing paint and glow powder were developed first of all to provide fast people evacuation and to mark the route in the dark or poor visibility conditions. Glowing evacuation signs start to glow right after electricity turns off. Due to the fact that it is required by law to have an independent power supply to make these signs visible - luminescent evacuation signs can become a modern alternative to regular ones. Evacuation glow in the dark signs have a shape of a green square or rectangle with white pictures inside.

    Direction to emergency exit down the stairs safety sign Direction arrow at 45 safety sign Slide to open safety sign Open here to access safety sign Collection point safety sign Exit here safety sign Direction to emergency exit up the stairs safety sign

  • Luminous prohibiting signs - forbid to perform certain actions in the area where sign is installed, for example: "No smoking", "Off limits", "Do not block", "Do not turn on!" and others. Signs of that kind have a shape of a red square with stripe.
    Prohibiting signs that are used in dark or unlit areas have to be illuminated. Here is one more reason to install self-luminous prohibiting signs from Noxton.

    Prohibited to use as drinking water safety sign No smoking safety sign No animals allowed safety sign Do not use mobile phone or portable walkie safety sign No food allowed safety sign Off limits safety sign No open fire safety sign

  • Light accumulative warning safety signs warn people about possible danger, for example: "Danger! Risk of explosion", "Danger! Crane working", "Watch out! High voltage" and others. Sign of that type has a shape of yellow equilateral triangle. Glow feature of the sign allows to improve human safety and reduce the percentage of injuries at facility.

    Flammable substances safety sign Risk of explosion safety sign Toxic substances safety sign Caustic and corrosive substances safety sign Radioactive or radiation ionizing substances safety sign Cargo may fall safety sign Cold safety sign

  • Mandatory safety signs with afterglow effect provide the information on specific requirements for workers that have to be done in order to guarantee the human safety. There are some of them: "Wear protective helmet!", "Wear protective gloves!", etc. Sign of that kind has a shape of blue circle with white designations inside.

    Wear safety goggles safety sign Wear protective helmet safety sign Wear personal respiratory equipment safety sign Wear protective gloves safety sign Wear protective headphones safety sign Passage is here safety sign Wear safety footwear safety sign

  • Guidance safety signs provide employees with info on where certain items, materials and objects are located. There are some examples of them: "Smoking area", "Phone", "Medical aid". That luminous sign has a shape of rectangle. It is blue with a white square with designations in the middle.

    Fire extinguisher safety sign Smoking area safety sign Firefighting tools safety sign It is allowed to use electric heaters safety sign Shovel safety sign Phone safety sign Canteen safety sign

  • Posters and electricity safety signs regulate the conduct rules when operating electrical installations. There are some of them: "Do not switch on! Men working on the line", "Stop! High voltage", "Grounded", etc. These photoluminescent safety signs can be either permanent or portable. Due to the fact that posters of that kind are set in special risk areas that can be dangerous for human life - use of modern self-luminous materials is highly important in that field.

    Do not switch on! Men working safety sign Do not switch on! Men working on the line safety sign Grounded safety sign Stop! High voltage safety sign

  • Luminescent medical safety signs inform a human on where and how he can get a first aid. Glowing signs can have a shape of a square or rectangle, while being green with white pictures in the middle.

    Medical aid safety sign Rinse with water safety sign Flush the eyes safety sign Call the ambulance safety sign First aid safety sign

  • Glow in the Dark Evacuation Plan is a single element of the general facility safety system. In case of emergency power outage people on a facility would have a chance to clearly see the scheme and possible evacuation routes. That fact would significantly increase people's chances to survive. Luminescent evacuation plan has a long service life. It is water-repellent as well. At Noxton Company you can order a self-luminous evacuation plan of any size and shape you want. Manufacturing process of a plan won't take too long. You can see an example of the evacuation plane below.

    evacuation plan photo Photo of an evacuation plan Luminous evacuation plan evacuation plan photo

Composition: Photoluminescent safety signs and evacuation plans are made of high quality luminous self-adhesive film from Noxton.

Safety signs purpose: Helping people to quickly navigate in case of emergency, mostly in case of fire or evacuation. Acting as extra landmarks in the dark or in poor visibility conditions.

Luminous signs properties: Luminescent safety systems accumulate the light from any source during the day. Start to glow brightly in the dark in case of an emergency or a planned power outage while showing people the evacuation route, location of a fire extinguisher, sand, fire hydrant, etc. Total glow time is up to 6-8 hours considering the extinction processes. Afterglow duration depends on charge power.

Practical application: Clean the surface from grease and dust first. Then apply a light-accumulative safety element where needed.

Recommendations: Before ordering a marking safety sign, please calculate its required size in accordance with the distance between an observer and a sign.

Glow colors: Bright green glow. Day color is white.

Health: Harmless to humans.

Storage and operating features: No restrictions.

Safety signs sizes: Depend on distance between an observer and a sign. For prohibition signs, for example, the most popular sizes are: 15x15 cm, 20x20 cm, 25x25 cm, 30x30 cm, 40x40 cm, 60x60 cm, 70x70 cm.
See the table below to determine the sizes of various safety signs.

Service life: Safety signs made in accordance with regulatory documents, as well as evacuation plans, have an unlimited service life.

Safety signs production time: From 1 day.

Table to help you choose a size of a safety sign in accordance with GOST and DSTU depending on the distance:

Distance from a sign to a human, m Sizes of various safety signs, mm Location of a safety sign
Noxton © Prohibiting and prescribing (diameter) Warning (triangle side) Guiding (rectangle sides) Noxton ©
up to 5 80 100 - On doors
up to 7,5 100 130 100x130 Same
up to 10 150 200 150x200 On doors and in small rooms
up to 15 250 300 250x300 Same
up to 20 300 400 300x400 In middle size rooms
up to 30 350 450 350x450 Same
up to 40 450 600 450x600 In large rooms and outside
up to 60 550 700 550x700 Same
up to 80 700 900 700x900 Same
from 80 900 1200 900x1200 Same

It is really simple to use the table. For example, if the distance between the observer and the planned mounting location of a "No smoking" prohibitory sign is about 9 meters then the safety sign should be 150 mm in diameter according to regulatory documents.
But if we are talking about a warning sign, like "Explosive" one, while under the same circumstances, then the luminescent sign should have a shape of equilateral triangle with 200 mm side.
If the distance between a human and a planned mounting location is about 50 m, then the "Emergency Exit" safety sign should have the size of 550x700mm.

Evacuation sign photo Luminescent fire safety signs Glowing evacuation plan Luminous fire extinguisher photo

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Safety Signs and Evacuation Plans:

  1. It is a well known fact that human's eye does not have time to adapt to the darkness in case of emergency lights turn off (so called accommodation process), while the glowing safety signs would be still perfectly seen.
  2. Luminescent technologies used in safety systems increase the chances to survive in case of emergency.
  3. The most popular luminescent products in safety category are: fire safety signs and evacuation signs.
  4. Details of a glowing evacuation sign are well seen in the dark, even with no help of extra illumination.
  5. Photoluminescent evacuation plan is a must have thing at many facilities in certain countries.

Become a partner of Noxton Company

Noxton Technologies informs its customers that luminous fire safety signs and evacuation signs can be made by yourself.
In order to do that, use a method of printing on self-adhesive luminous film from Noxton.
Detailed instructions would be provided during the order.
Photoluminescent signs are today a modern trend in printing industry. We are sure that this new business idea can become the activity basis for many people for next few years.
Our company is always happy to assist people in learning and understanding all the finer points of the current trend. You desire to start is all that is needed.
Facility safety signs go well with other self-luminous products from Noxton like glowing paper, luminous vest, luminescent hard hats and others.

To buy glowing fire safety signs from Noxton please proceed to "Contact Us" page.

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