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Glow in the Dark Carnival Masks

Glow in the Dark Carnival Masks

Prices for Glow in the Dark Carnival Masks:
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See the price list for luminous theatrical masks

We ship carnival and Venetian masks to any city in the World.

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Luminous masks from Noxton are an indispensable attribute of any carnival or Christmas party for many years. Due to unique self-glow in the dark feature glowing carnival mask becomes the most important symbol of the party, and even more a glow in the dark itself makes the carnival special. After all it is a holiday for your body and soul, time of absolute freedom, a chance to express your individuality and still stay unknown to other party guests. You may show up incognito at the masquerade, but guests will definitely remember your glowing Venetian mask for a long time, it will make a unique image right for you and "Glow mask" will become your second name.

Experts from Noxton Company studied the consumer market, so we can offer you the widest choice of Glow in the Dark Masks. As for today, you may choose from 5 kinds of masks:

  • Glowing carnival masks are often used at the popular international carnivals. A lot of available for choose colors and shapes. You can always buy carnival masks at Noxton Company.
  • Luminescent masquerade mask is an essential attribute at kids partys and shows.
  • Glow in the Dark Venetian Masks can often be seen at various festivals, vintage show-parades and many more other events. Check out the "Contact Us" page to buy Venetian masks.
  • Self-glowing theatrical masks.
  • Light-accumulative Christmas masks name gives us an understanding of the product purpose. These attributes are heavily used during the Christmas holidays.
  • Scary and Frankenstein masks belong to the type of masks that replicate the faces of characters from horrors or comics. Quite realistic by the way.
Our main goal for all the times was the same - to give our customers best quality for lowest price. We care a lot about details. That's why this product from Noxton is one of the best among other masks from various companies. We guarantee that when you buy a luminous carnival mask here at Noxton you get a unique design, well thought out details (for example your mask won't fall down during the incendiary dance and it won't make you feel uncomfortable because of the tight fixative elastic) and safety for your health.

All of our products passed a quality control and we have all the necessary certificates and documents. This fact allows us to guarantee our customers that our theatre mask won't cause any sort of allergy, skin rashes or toxic poisoning (unfortunately this often happens when people are using the cheap Chinese imitations). That means by ordering a luminescent mask from Noxton you choose a better health.

theatrical masks photo Venetian masks photo carnival masks photo masquerade masks photo

Masquerade mask cannot be treated as a prop or a lifeless holiday attribute. Each luminous mask has its own history and soul. People often order self-glow Venetian masks (Glow in the Dark Masks recently became an extremely popular decorative element of the grand annual Venetian carnival).

Luminescent masks can often be seen in theatres around the World. It is well know by directors and theatre lovers that in certain performances details mean a lot. Masks allow actors to capture the essence of things not just through the play and the understanding of artistic images but also with the small, emphasizing details. Play of light, accent on certain things and other tricks allow creative director to create an entourage that in combination with brilliant acting will make the performance an unsurpassed one.

Glowing theater masks are a powerful tool gained the sympathy of a wide audience that helps to reveal the essence of the actions that take place in performance.
Self-glow Christmas mask is way much easier to make than the Venetian, theatre and other masquerade masks. However its appearance and unique self-glow feature does not suffer. The variety of the luminescent Christmas masks is pretty wide: from "adults" masks to kid's glow in the dark masks.
It is important to mention it one more time that glow masks are totally harmless and won't affect in any way your and your kid's health.

Composition: Venetian and carnival masks are covered with a layer of high quality glowing paint which is securely applied to the surface of the product.

Masquerade mask purpose: To get a unique self-glow effect at balls, masquerades, carnivals, Venetian evenings, etc.

Glow masks properties: The product accumulates the light from any source like: the Sun, ultraviolet, lamp and others. After the lights are off or it gets darker you can see a bright luminescent effect. Glow time lasts up to 5-7 hours considering the extinction. The brightest phase lasts 40-60 minutes.

Features of using: Christmas or theatrical mask doesn't need to be specifically charged. It charges itself in a lighter place and starts to glow in a darker one.

Recommendations: The brightest afterglow can be reached by using green masks. Use them in case you wish to become the most noticeable person at the event.

Glow colors: Light green, yellow, light blue, red, blue, orange, pink and other.

Ecology: Nonradioactive, nontoxic. Totally harmless to humans.

Storage of the Christmas and Venetian masks: No restrictions.

christmas mask photo Venetian masks photo glow mask photo masquerade masks photo

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Carnival Masks:

  1. Luminescent mask needs no batteries, LED's or electricity. Glow is provided by the special surface which can be charged by an ordinary light.
  2. Self-glowing Venetian mask starts to glow right after the lights are off.
  3. During a slow dance light-accumulative mask will illuminate your partner, so that you will be able to see her (his) smallest facial features.
  4. Luminous Christmas Santa Claus mask can be used for illumination in a dark passage or a porch.
  5. Lifetime of a masquerade or Venetian mask is not limited. It will always be glowing in the dark after it accumulated the light.

Become a partner of Noxton Company

In case we didn't meet your needs and you still can't find the glowing mask of your dream, you can always contact us and share your thoughts. Our specialists will not just make a mask according to your sketch in shortest time but will also help you to make a mask for 100% by yourself (in case you are really determined to create your own masterpiece).
And remember, no matter what goal you are pursuing, by putting a self-glowing mask from Noxton on your face you will always be a party star. We hope for a close and productive cooperation with you!

Masquerade masks go well together with other products from Noxton, like luminous flowers, modern key chains, cool luminescent pens.

We would be happy to see new branch offices and dealerships in other cities and countries.
Our partners obtain undeniable advantages which in combination with high quality and unique products results in swift success!

To see the prices for light-accumulative carnival and Venetian masks please proceed to "Price list" page.

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