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Glow in the Dark Pen

Glow in the Dark Pen

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Glow in the Dark Pen is able to glow autonomously, with no help of additional illumination. Luminescence effect can be either applied to the pen's body, made of plastic or metal, or to the clip that most of the pens have. Pen can be charged from any source of light and is able to glow by itself for up to 6 hours during a night, considering the light fading. UV light is not needed to see the luminescence effect. Main types of luminous pens are: gel, ballpoint and fountain. It is possible to make any pen a glowing one, through surface processing using Noxton's special light-accumulative paint for PVC. There are also some elite luminous pens available for order with a gold coating or some precious stones on them. For example, glow in the Dark Parker Pen can become a unique respectable present suitable for any important event in human's life.

It is important to note that a self-luminous effect for a modern pen doesn't apply to ink. Other words, according to its basic properties, it will still be the same pen, which has additional afterglow ability. But in case you are interested in the luminescent ink effect, Noxton Company can offer you the invisible ink, which is able to glow in ultraviolet, while being a regular ink during the day.

Luminophore pens go well together with other unique gifts and accessories like: glowing pendants, self-luminous badges and luminescent stones.

Start you business today, together with Noxton Company - the leader on the market of the luminescent materials.

Glow in the Dark Pens are classified as souvenirs. Such an accessory can become a great present for a Birthday, New Year, Anniversary or in honor of promotion. You can either buy ready-made glow in the Dark Pens or order some special self-luminous pens made in accordance with your layout. Photos of the luminescent pens can be seen below. Light-accumulative effect doesn't disappear with time and glow strength doesn't decrease after each charge cycle.

Gel pen photo Pen photo Luminescent pen Glow gel pen

Ingredients: Luminescent layer is applied to the surface of gel or ballpoint pen, using high quality glow in the Dark Paint or Powder TAT 33

Purpose of the glow in the Dark Pen: Can become an unusual gift or a present. Product belongs to modern souvenirs.

Features of the self-luminous pen: Treated surface of the modern pen is able to glow in the dark by itself after being charged from any source of light, like: sun, ultraviolet, lamp, bulb, flashlight, etc. You need just a couple of minutes to charge it. More powerful source of light results in brighter afterglow. Total duration of self-illumination - up to 6 hours. The bright glow phase lasts 30-60 minutes.

Ecology: Nontoxic. Nonradioactive.

Recommendations: Use luminescent pen to write on the glow in the dark paper.

Circulations: Small consignments are possible.

Glowing colors: Light green or light blue.

Glow in the Dark Pens handling and use: No restrictions.

Ballpen photo Luminescent paper photo Fountain pen photo Selfglowing pen photo

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Pens:

  1. When the lights are turned off, you can easily find your pen by seeing it glowing on the table.
  2. Self-luminous pen can be seen from a distance of 50 meters during the first minutes after it was charged.
  3. Glow in the dark gel pen has an ability to glow in ultraviolet as well.
  4. Treated pen can be used as an artificial illumination to help you see the surrounding objects right after it was charged.

Become a partner of Noxton Company

Noxton Technologies Company informs that you can actually make a light-accumulative pen yourself. There is nothing difficult in it.
Choose a type of the glowing powder you prefer, add it to epoxy resin and apply that self-luminous compound to the surface of the pen.
You can also use a ready-to-go luminescent paint for plastic to make your gel or ballpoint pen glow.
We provide our customers with detailed advices and instructions during the order.

Start you business today, together with Noxton Company - the leader on the market of the luminescent materials.

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