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Glow in the Dark Keychain

Glow in the Dark Keychain

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Glowing keychains are a product made on a separate production line that belongs to self-luminous souvenirs category. It was necessary to posses the luminous keychain as a separate product due to many reasons. Of course, it would be fair to consider that kind of product as one of souvenirs made by Noxton. However, our company experts are adding a new restriction, based on practical value and features of using a luminous keychain.
After all, glowing souvenir has almost no practical value - it's just a nice pleasant to the eye thing. That's all the useful features of a luminescent souvenir. That's why our luminescent keychains (just like glowing cup) are produced on a separate production line.

Just look at your bunch of keys: if there is a trinket hanging on there - then this product is right for you. The consumer market research made by our Company shown that 80% of respondents are currently using keychains. That makes us, as the largest producer of self-luminous keychains and you, as a potential consumer of the product think about improving keychains. Because, when buying a luminous keychain for yourself - you choose practicality and aesthetics at the same time. When giving your family and friends a Glow in the Dark Keychain as a present you know for sure that your gift won't be gathering dust, indeed it will find its place in everyday life of your loved ones.

Glow in the Dark Keychains are noticeable for their features: they are able to glow autonomously in the dark - 100% by themselves, with no extra illumination needed. When exposed to sunlight or any other light source (incandescent lamps, electric lamps, ultraviolet lamps, etc.) luminescent keychain starts to accumulate the energy. And when it gets it darker - light output cycle begins. That's how the cycles work: charging for an hour results in couple of hours glowing (considering the extinction of course). And what is important - no action is required on your part: you just take your bunch of keys out of a bag and put it on a cabinet shelf.

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High usability of luminous keychains is a proven fact: bunch of keys will be perfectly seen in your bag. It is worth to note that this feature will be appreciated primarily by ladies: it is a paradox but its always inexplicably hard to find the keys in a women's bag. Glowing keychain is simply irreplaceable in that case: it serves as a kind of a guide when searching for keys.

Luminous keychain has a superb feature: after charging for a long time by a source of light (in other words, after a good charge), your keychain even becomes able to illuminate a keyhole during its brightest phase (that lasts 30-60 minutes). You won't need to use a flashlight or a cell phone to illuminate something anymore just use our glowing keychain instead.

You'll never mix your bunch of keys up with ones belonging to your family members that are usually stored in one place since you'll have a light-accumulative keychain on them. You don't need to turn on the light to find your keys anymore. They will find you instead. Glowing keychain is thereby automatically becomes a self-luminous keychain, helping you to find your keys!

Composition: Keychains are covered with a special luminous paint.

Purpose: Decorative attribute belonging to a new generation of souvenirs.

Properties: Unusual keychains can glow in the dark for up to 6 hours considering the extinction. Brightest phase lasts first 30-60 minutes.

Health: Harmless to humans.

Recommendations: Use a new type of keychains to always know where your keys are.

Glow colors: Green and light blue.

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Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Keychains:

  1. It can perfectly illuminate a keyhole when charged well.
  2. Luminous keychain is mechanical stress and water resistant. Its service life is more than 5 years.
  3. A unique keychain of 3-4 sq. cm. size is visible from a 50 m distance when glowing.

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Noxton Glow in the Dark Keychains variety of shapes, types and design options expands its range of use: we offer you to buy a self-luminous keychain, glowing car keychain and decorative trinket for bags and pouches (usually hitched to a zipper). But in case you would like to make a glowing keychain according to your own design yourself our experts would be happy to provide you with all the necessary instructions and consulting support. No more issue on "how to make a luminous keychain" exists anymore! So you can either buy ready-made glowing keychains or make a self-luminous keychain yourself.

Decorative car keychains go well together with glowing pens, luminescent badges and other products from Noxton.

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