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Glow in the Dark Balloons
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Glow in the Dark Balloons

Glow in the Dark Balloons

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Glowing balloons have a unique feature to glow for 100% autonomously in the dark with no electricity, neon, LED's, etc. The surface of the Glow in the Dark Balloon is covered with a flexible luminescent paint which can be charged by any source of light, like the Sun or a lamp. Once the product is charged, it gets an ability to glow in the dark. It is a whole new technology, which can be considered as an example of using the renewable energy sources. That means the balloon is able to accumulate and emit the glow for unlimited times.

Self-glow balloons are absolutely harmless to humans. Essentially it is the same ordinary balloon but with an extra feature of luminescence. The glow is bright enough. For example the balloon charged by a room light will be able to illuminate the surroundings. Charging time is amazingly short - it takes just a couple of minutes to see the powerful luminescent effect in the dark.

Try to combine 5-10 Glow in the Dark Balloons of different colors. In this case the dark room will be flooded with the light made by luminescent balloons.
Luminous balloons will be perfectly visible in the sky at night. Lower illumination and better dark adaptation results in brighter afterglow effect.
Glowing balloons are heavily used at various events and celebrations. They can often be seen at a weeding, banquet, kid's party and fest. Launch of the Glow in the Dark Balloons attracts a lot of people that will definitely come over to see the unusual sight.

Here, at Noxton, you can always buy some cool balloons that will glow in the dark. At the same time, our Company reminds the customers that it is absolutely simple and does not require much effort to make a Glow in the Dark Balloon by yourself.
The process of creating the self-accumulating balloons by yourself can be divide into several stages:

  • Buy the balloons of preferable shape and size.
  • Pump as many balloons as you need.
  • Use the special Noxton flexible self-glowing paint to make a luminescent light-generative layer.
  • You may use a brush or a pulverizer to apply the luminous paint.
  • Let the light-accumulative balloons dry and start to use them for their intended purpose.
Luminescent balloon can be pumped either with an ordinary air or helium. No matter what you choose it won't affect the afterglow. The only thing you have to consider is the final weight of the balloon. If you are planning to pump helium in the balloon, make sure you don't put too much of luminescent paint because, in this case, the balloon won't fly.

photo of luminescent balloons balloons pictures glow balloons photo pricture of glowing balloons

Composition: Luminescent balloon is covered with a high efficient Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33.

Purpose of the balloons: Nice balloons decorate the interior at the events of any kind. They are used as decor elements.

Properties of the balloons: Surface can accumulate the light energy from various sources: ultraviolet, Sun, lamp, daylight, flashlight, etc. Balloons start to glow in the dark. Total luminescence duration is up to 5-6 hours considering the extinction. Brightest phase lasts up to 30 minutes.

Features of using: Watch the weight of the balloon, so that it will be able to fly.

Recommendations: The shorter period between the charge and the launch of the balloon results in better glow effect.

Glow colors: Light green and light blue are the brightest ones. Red, yellow, blue, pink, orange and others.

Ecology: Nonradioactive, nontoxic. Absolutely harmless to humans.

Operating conditions: Rules for ordinary balloons apply.

Shapes of the balloons: Round, oval. More specific shapes are available.

glow in the dark balloons glowing balloons photo glow in the dark balloons photo glow balloons

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Balloons:

  1. Balloons for kids can also be charged on a cloudy day, even when there is no Sun.
  2. Luminescent balloons may glow in ultraviolet rays as well (from which they are actually getting perfectly charged).
  3. Light-generative flexible coating may prolong the life of the balloon for up to 5-10%.
  4. Charged balloon may be used as an illumination to lamp the surroundings in the dark room.
  5. Self-glow balloon needs no electricity and is a perfect alternative to pricey LED balloons.

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By using our help you may start your own business and offer the latest developments in the field of self-glow technologies to other people.

Don't miss your chance to buy wholesale Glow in the Dark Balloons that you may use at the important holiday or celebration. Make a gift for your kid or a loved one.
If you need any kind of advice or help, related to cool balloons please contact our Customer Service.

Decorative balloons may also be combined with other products from Noxton, like: luminous flowers, venetian carnival masks, luminescent paintings and others.

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