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Glow in the Dark Paintings

Glow in the Dark Painting

Prices for Glow in the Dark Paintings:
30*40 cm
70*100 cm
140*90 cm
150*95 cm

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Glow in the Dark Paintings have a unique ability of self-glowing. During the day, they look just like ordinary ones. But when the lights are turned off, the real luminous painting shows itself. It's worth noting that the picture you see during the day may differ from the one you see at night. You can get some kind of picture in picture effect, when there are two pictures on the same canvas.

Here, at Noxton Company, you may either order ready-made self-glowing paintings or order a work of art, made by your very own design. Luminescent picture may be quite simple and just give emphasize to the details, that are seen on the painting during the day. There also a possibility to draw a double luminous painting which requires professional skills of the artist.

Light-accumulative paintings belong to contemporary modernity class and are highly sought by famous experts, specialized in art, as well as by ordinary fans of unusual and fresh stuff. Self-glowing painting may become a perfect gift for an anniversary or any other important event. Glow colors, sizes, shapes and patterns should be discussed before the drawing has begun.

Popular trends in luminous painting are: luminescent landscapes, glowing portraits, luminous still life, flowers, interior, nautical theme and others. Light-accumulative painting became possible due to special luminous paint. There are 9 colors of glow and an endless number of shades available for order. That allows our artists to make unique paintings with smooth transitions.

Photos of paintings Portrait photo Glowing landscape photo Drawing photo

The way we make them: Special luminescent layer that consists of Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 is applied on the top of the basic picture.

Glow paintings purpose: Decorative element, an absolutely new direction in luminous painting. It can become a perfect gift.

The properties of self-luminous paintings: Painting is able to glow in the dark after a short-time charge from any source of light, like: Sun, lamp, office illumination, ultraviolet and other. Energy accumulation happens within minutes. Afterglow intensity is proportional to strength of the source of light. Glowing effect lasts 4-6 hours, considering the extinction. The brightest phase lasts up to 60 minutes.

Recommendations: Luminescent paint that was applied on more or less light colors will glow better.

Glow colors: Light green, light blue, red, orange, green, yellow and others.

Ecological issues: Harmless to humans.

Storage of paintings: Store product in a dry place at ordinary room temperature and normal humidity.

Turnaround time: From 1 day to 3 weeks.

Landscape photo Glowing paintings photo Luminiscent drawing Drawings photo

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Paintings:

  1. Same painting may look different during the day and at night.
  2. Simple luminescent paintings may be done by almost anyone. Everything you have to do is to follow the lines of the main painting with Glow in the Dark Paint by Noxton.
  3. These works of art with an ability of afterglow can also become luminous under the influence of ultraviolet rays (duplicating the fluorescent paintings).
  4. You can make your painting even more unique by making frame a self-glowing one as well.
  5. There are options to create paintings using fluorescent paint. . In that case, the painting will glow in ultraviolet.

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Noxton Company reminds you that you can make simple forms of self-luminous paintings by yourself using Noxton's glow powder.
It has to be added to any transparent medium. Detailed instructions will be provided during the order.
Glowing paintings are in tune with other Noxton products like: luminous souvenirs, light-accumulative flowers, luminescent pens.

To order a Glow in the Dark Painting, please proceed to "Contact Us" page.

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