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Glow in the Dark Chess

Glow in the Dark Chess

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Glowing chess

Glowing chess is an addictive game that will make the pastime exciting for a professional or amateur. Chess as a game is more than 1,5 thousands of years old and recently we developed a new kind of the game - a Glow in the Dark Chess. Chess pieces are glowing by themselves at night due to luminescent component that is applied to each of them.

Glowing chess set will accumulate the energy from any light source and then it will start emitting the autonomous light for up to 5 hours. During this time you can play more than one game in a complete or partial darkness.

Luminescent chess pieces to which you apply green or light blue glow powder won't change their native color. Daytime appearance stays the same while the coating that we can't see during the day makes chess pieces glow in the dark after charging from any source of light.

When buying self-glow chess at Noxton, you may choose from two afterglow options:

1. Glow in the dark chess pieces.
2. Glow in the dark chess board.

No matter what you choose, the chess would be perfectly seen in the evening. Customer has a right to choose the preferable color of glow.

Light-accumulative chess set (it is called "magic" chess set sometimes) doesn't require any electricity, so you can take it anywhere with you: on a journey, on a long trip, to the sea.
Glow in the Dark Chess set is a perfect gift for a colleague chess player, friend or for a kid who is interested in that kind of logic games.
You can buy luminous chess with a safe glow in the dark feature here at Noxton Company which is a producer itself, for a reasonable price.

Chess game photo Glowing chess photo Luminous chess photo Glow chess photo

Luminescent chess composition: Chess pieces are made of plastic that is covered with a layer of glow paint. The basic ingredient that provides a self-glow in the dark is a glow powder from Noxton.

Purpose: Glow in the Dark Chess are intended to have a pleasant playing time. You can play chess in a partly or completely dark room.

Properties: Chess pieces accumulate the light energy very fast. Maximum glow duration is up to 5-6 hours considering the extinction effect.

Luminescent coating lifetime: Glow chess is an extremely durable game. High material adhesion allows us to guarantee the product will have a super long lifetime. Moisture proof surface makes our chess completely water-resistant.

Recommendations: Before using chess pieces it is recommended to charge them by a powerful source of light. It can be Sun, filament lamp, luminescent lamp or ultraviolet.

Storage conditions: No restrictions.

Luminescent chess glow colors: Green, light blue.

Self-glowing chess piece photo Magical chess photo Self-glow chess photo Luminous chess pieces

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Chess:

  1. You can apply our luminescent paint to any kind of chess made of wood, glass and ceramics.
  2. The brightest glow phase starts every time the product starts to accumulate the light again.
  3. Chess is recognized as an official sport.
  4. In 1970-s it became extremely popular to play chess by the phone while the players were from different cities of the World.
  5. There are modified chess for more than two players.
  6. Luminous chess may also glow in ultraviolet.

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It is even possible to make the luminescent chess at home. Just choose the correct type of luminescent paint.
To paint the chess made of wood we suggest you to use the Glow in the Dark Paint for Wooden Surfaces.
You can also make your plastic chess glowing. In order to do that, use the Glow in the Dark Paint for PVC.

We recommend you to check out the extra fields of use of Noxton's glow powder.

To buy the real luminous chess please proceed to "Contact Us" page.

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