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Glowing paint for plastics and PVC

Noxton for Plastics

Prices for Glow in the Dark Paint for Plastic Surfaces:
0.5 liters jar
1 liter jar
3 liters jar
5 liters jar
10 liters jar

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The minimal order for Ukraine is 0.5 l of luminescent paint for plastics and PVC
We ship all of our products worldwide.

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Glow in the Dark Paint for Plastics and PVC from Noxton is used to make any types of plastic surfaces glow in the dark. Glowing plastic retains its unique feature for a long time. With our luminescent paint you can cover plastic surfaces and PVC both inside and outside the house. This glowing paint has a high gloss rate. After being applied, it forms a cold, moisture and weather resistant coating.

Ingredients of the glowing paint: Self-luminous paint for plastics and PVC from Noxton is made with high quality polyurethane mineral resin that has high adhesion and is prepared for mixing with a glowing component.

Purpose of the glow paint: Plastic surfaces, plastic products, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and plastic sheets. It can also be used to paint plastic windows, sills, front panels of all kinds of household appliances; to decorate a remote control, cell phones bodies, artificial Christmas trees, plastic cans and bottles, plastic plinths, souvenirs, plastic kids toys and a lot more.

Properties of the luminescent paint: Applied to the surface luminescent paint has a whitish color (translucent) during the day. It glows green and light blue in the dark (see the other glow colors below). Glow duration of the paint (up to 8-12 hours) depends on the time and intensity of its exposure to the light source. Glow paint can be charged by any source of light: Sun, ordinary electric lamps, DRL, fluorescent lamps, ultraviolet, etc.

Methods of applying the glow paint: With a brush, roller, pad or using a spraying, pouring or dipping method.

Use of the glowing paint: The surface should be dry and clean. Dirt has to be removed mechanically; wash off the grease and dust from the surface. Before you apply the self-luminous paint TAT 33, you have to mix it thoroughly until homogeneous (compulsory condition). It is recommended to put 2-3 layers of paint. Drying time of each layer is about 2-3 hours at a temperature of +20C.

Consumption of the glowing paint: up to 14 m2 /l. in 1 layer (depends on the painting method).

Recommendations: The highest glow intensity can be reached by applying the light-accumulative paint to a white surface. Darker surface absorbs more energy.

Glowing paint and human's health: Nonradioactive, nontoxic, nonflammable.

Storage of the luminescent paint: Keep in a tightly sealed container at a temperature from -10C to +30C. Storage life of the luminescent paint is up to 200 years, thanks to "KeepSafe" technology*.

Glow paint package sizes: 0.5 liters, 1 liter, 3liters, 5 liters, 10 liters.

Glow in the Dark Paint for Plastics and PVC is available for purchase in next colors:

Green (basic) luminescent paint - translucent during the day, green glow in the dark
Light blue (basic) luminescent paint - translucent during the day, light blue glow in the dark
Red luminescent paint - red during the day, orange-red glow in the dark
Yellow luminescent paint - yellow during the day, yellow glow in the dark
Orange luminescent paint - orange during the day, orange glow in the dark
Blue luminescent paint - blue during the day, blue glow in the dark
Dark green luminescent paint - green during the day, green glow in the dark
Pink luminescent paint - pink during the day, salmon glow in the dark
Dark pink luminescent paint - dark pink during the day, orange-dark pink glow in the dark

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Advantages of Noxton's Glow in the Dark Paint:

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* It is known that the service life of the liquid medium is limited in time so Noxton Company came up with a new simple and effective technology called "KeepSafe" that allows you to separate the glow material from the medium and use it anywhere in next 200 years (this is the Noxton's glow material TAT 33 storage life). It is the best option you can choose today that is highly appreciated by our customers.

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