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Glow in the Dark Basketball

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Glow in the Dark Basketball
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Glow in the Dark Basketball

Glow in the Dark Basketball

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Glow basketball is able to glow autonomously with no use of extra energy sources. It also has an ability to accumulate the energy of the ambient light and then to use it in order to emit an independent glow. You may use this kind of ball to play at unlit courts. Due to the special appliance technology it is absolutely waterproof, so don't worry about throwing it occasionally in the water. Self-glowing basketball holds the charge perfectly. That means you may pre-charge its surface and spend the whole game at unlighted court.

We have a lot of various colors for choose, so you can buy a luminous basketball that will glow green, red, blue or orange in the dark. Besides the development of the additional playing skills, luminous ball will not be disregard by any true basketball lover. Glow in the Dark Basketball can be used is designed for indoors and outdoors game. Due to the special coating the glow ball will not slide and its surface provides a good grip with your hands.

Luminous basketball Example of a basketball Basketball - glow Example of a glowing basketball

Luminous basketball composition: Basketball is made of dense molded rubber covered with luminous paint, which is applied to the surface by heat treatment.

Purpose of the glowing basketball: You can use it while playing at unlit courts outside or inside. Also useful when playing at night.

Glow in the Dark Basketball properties: Basketball accumulates the light energy from any natural and artificial sources of light. The best charge it can get is from the Sun, even a short impact results in awesome charging. Ball is also able accumulate the light on a cloudy day. When the self-glowing basketball is inside the house, it accumulates the energy from the electric lighting and after the lights are off it starts to glow brightly in the dark.

Recommendations: To get the best glow effect use extra charging when not using the ball.

Balls glow colors: green, light blue, blue, yellow, red, orange and others.

Ecological compatibility of Glow in the Dark Basketball: Nonradioactive, nontoxic.

Storage of the basketball: No restrictions.

Available parcels sizes: 1 - 30 pcs.

Basketball Glow of the ball Glow effect in basketball Luminous ball

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Basketball:

  1. Basketball can be either totally glowing or we can make just some of its lines glow. These lines will form a luminous sphere when the ball is rotating.
  2. Luminescent basketball is also able to glow in ultraviolet.
  3. The potential duration of glow is up to 6 hours considering the extinction.
  4. When the re-exposure of the light sources occurs the self-glow basketball restores its brightest glow phase.
  5. Glowing basketballs can be even made by yourself at home.

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Noxton Company reminds its customers that the process of making the glowing basketball is easier than it may seem and can be done by anyone.
In order to make it, choose a flexible compound that is capable of withstanding the mechanical and dynamic impacts and add some Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 that will provide a glow in the dark.
The easiest way to get what you want is to make a whole new basketball, using special stencils and then probably to apply some glowing team logos and symbols.
By using Glow in the Dark Paint for Cloth you can make a basketball uniform with cool glow effect.

You may always ask your questions on Noxton products at "Contact Us" page.

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