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Glow in the Dark Football

Glow in the Dark football

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Glowing football is able to glow in the dark by itself with no help of extra power sources. Glow itself is provided by a special luminescent component which is applied to the ball surface. New feature of glowing in the dark doesn't affect balls shape or weight. It just gives you extra opportunities when playing.

Luminous ball is perfect for football freestyle. Self-luminous ball can help you to improve your football skills indoors or outdoors. You can be juggling it at any time of the day. Glow in the Dark Football has an ability to rapidly accumulate the light from any sources. After charging it intensively for 30 minutes you become able to play two halves of the game at unlit field. It can also be used when playing on the beach, courtyard or you can even take it with you for a night walk. Owner will hardly lose his glowing ball in the dark. The current football is a great choice for any kind of entertainment. It will always come in handy for active young people.

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Luminous football consists of a solid covering that forms a glowing sphere when fully charged. The coating of the light-accumulative football ball is durable and resistant to weathering including water.

There are three different types of footballs:

  • Ball for playing on a grass surface or special covering.
    It is a regular ball people use to play football all over the World. According to FIFA directives it officially has a fifth size. That kind of ball is heavily used at tournaments and championships.
    Basic material - medium hard leather.
  • Ball for playing indoors.
    This ball is often used when playing minifootball. It is also common to use it when training the younger generation.
    Football of that kind is smaller than the first one. It weight doesn't exceed 420 g. Main material can be a genuine leather or a high quality artificial leather.
    The surface of the ball is flexible. Minifootball ball is less protected from moisture absorption.
  • Ball for beach football.
    Beach football luminous ball weights less than the regular one. It is made of soft leather in order to not cause harm to human skin after playing a long game.
    The ball usually weights about 390-400 g. Seams are hidden, nipple is securely recessed into an inner tube.
    Beach football perfectly matches a glow in the dark technology. The ball would be seen in the dark till night.

Footballs can also be divided into 5 types according to their sizes:

1. Size 5 - the most popular size of the ball in the World. The circumference of the ball is about 69-70 cm while it weights about 410-450 g. The production of official footballs for competitions is strictly controlled by FIFA.
2. Size 4 - futsal ball that is used when playing indoors. It is smaller than the regular one by 5-15%. The pressure inside the ball is usually less by 5-10%.
3. Size 3 - these balls are used when training 10 yo and younger kids. In that case football weights about 300-330 g.
4. Size 2 - used for training 5 yo or younger kids. Ball is made of flexible PVC materials. Size of the football is perfect in case you want to improve your techniques.
5. Size 1 - ball, made of synthetic materials. Heavily used for promos, advertisements, at football shows and demonstrations.

At Noxton Company you can buy a football that will glow in the dark of any size you want.

Depending on the type inner tube material (external side of a glowing football) balls can be made of:
genuine leather, artificial leather, PVC and elastic latex.

soccer ball photos soccer ball picture soccer ball pictures glowing ball

Composition of self-luminous ball: Soccer ball is made of genuine or artificial leather with adding some Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 that is being applied to the surface using a special application technology.

Purpose of light-accumulative football: Exciting pastime, playing on unlighted fields and courts.

Main charge features: Glow in the dark ball for football accumulates the light energy from any natural or artificial sources of light. The most powerful charge can be received from the Sun or ultraviolet. Even a short impact results in perfect charge. Ball accumulates the light on a cloudy day as well.

Recommendations: To get a better afterglow effect - just use some extra illumination.

Glow colors: Green or light blue.

Glow in the Dark Ball and people health: Nonradioactive, nontoxic.

Storage conditions: No restrictions.

Available delivery sizes: 1 - 30 pcs.

Luminous ball soccer ball photo soccer ball pictures soccer balls photos

Interesting facts about self-luminous ball:

  1. Regular weight of the 5 size football is 430 g. It doesn't change too much when we put a luminous coating on it.
  2. Size of the soccer ball used at championships is fifth. Balls of that size are most frequently used to get a self-glow effect.
  3. Best football balls are made in small town named Sialkot in Pakistan (due to cheap labor).
  4. Speed of the football can reach 150 km/h after being kicked by certain football players.
  5. Football weights more in wet weather - up to 450 g due to the fact that it partially absorbs the moisture.
  6. You need a license from FIFA to make proffessional football balls.
  7. Spotted ball with black and white polyhedrons, that is considered to be a World standard for football balls nowadays, was made in order to be better visible during translations on these days black-and-white TV screens.
  8. Fully charged glowing ball forms a self-luminous sphere.
  9. An extra glow in the dark occurs under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

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It is possible to put on some logos using a luminous paint for leather and cloth which is applied with screen printing.
You can also check out the field of use for the glowing paint.
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