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Glow in the Dark Vest

Glow in the Dark Vest

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Luminous vest is a ready-made overall that improves the safety when working in specific conditions. Self-luminous uniform operating principle is very simple: it accumulates the light in well lit places and then emits the glow in partly or completely dark areas. The main purpose of the glowing reflective vest is increasing the human's visibility. Light-accumulative marks on the vest make it possible to maintain an eye contact with every worker in the dark. It helps to signficantly reduce the chances of any accidents at facility.

In some fields it is vitally important to use the luminescent high visibility vests to increase the level of safety:

- Train station workers;
- Patrol officers;
- Mining and metallurgical industries workers;
- Emergency and security workers;
- Road construction workers;
- And many other fields in which people have to work in complete or partial darkness.

Glowing high visibility vest as a rule is made of thick fabric or polyester (green or orange colored) with some vertical and horizontal self-luminous stripes applied that can glow with green or light blue color.

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High visibility vest composition: Uniform is made of special fabric with some luminous marks on it, applied with special silk-screening technology. Due to this fact, the vest is able to withstand deformation, so you can easily crumple and wash it.
The main luminous component that provides the bright glow of the uniform in the dark is the Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 from Noxton.

Glow in the Dark Vest purpose: Glowing vest is made to ensure the human's safety in various fields. Luminous uniform has an ability to allocate a human in the dark.

Reflective light-accumulative vest properties: Vest can accumulate the light very fast. When fully charged, total glow time can go up to 4-6 hours considering the extinction.

Features of using a glowing vest: Glowing coating is water-resistant. Do not cover your vest with backpacks and bags. This will prevent the light from accesing the uniform.

Recommendations: Clean your high visibility or life vest from any dirt in order to get the best glow effect. The strongest charge can be achieved when charging under the Sun or a powerful lantern.

Size of a self-luminous vest: One size fits all (adjustable).

Glow colors of a luminescent uniform: Green, light blue glow.

Luminous overall Photos of vests Glowing life vest Luminous uniform

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Vest:

  1. Vest is versatile and suitable for every human's body type.
  2. Life and high visibility vest weared by a human will be seen from a distance of 100 metres in the dark.
  3. The uniform can be even seen during the day, due to the special marks made with fluorescent paint.
  4. Light-accumulative vest from our Company brings some new features to classic reflective signal wear.
  5. Luminescent vest gives by 20% more chances for a human to survive in case of emergency comparing to ordinary slop.

Become a partner of Noxton Company

Noxton Company reminds its customers that you can make a high visibility vest yourself by using the Noxton's glowing paint for Cloth.
We also recommend you to check out the extra fields of using the light-accumulative paint and Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33.

To see the prices for Noxton's glowing vests please proceed to "Price list" page.

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