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Glow in the Dark Thread

Glow in the Dark Thread

Prices for Glow in the Dark Threads:
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Glow in the Dark Thread is one of the most promising products made with using the unique Noxton's Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 and our luminous paint for cloth. Glowing sewing thread, self-luminous stitching thread, wool thread and glow in the dark knit yarn these are just some of the products with self-glow in the dark feature made by our Company. In addition to luminescent threads, Noxton Company has developed a new product with unique properties a fluorescent thread (the range of this product is also fully presented).

Unlike luminescent thread that glows in the dark with no extra illumination, fluorescent thread can exhibit its unusual features in ultraviolet (when exposed to ultraviolet lamp for example). The product is mostly popular among young people, clubbers and discos habitues because every stitch and pattern made with our fluorescent or/and luminescent threads will be seen under the neon lamp's light.

Embroidery art lovers will be pleasantly surprised too since you can order the embroidery kits for luminescent threads at Noxton. It is very important since your creation will be pleasing its viewers eyes during the day (color spectrum of the threads is very diverse) and at night (due to the afterglow effect - the picture on the canvas will be clearly seen with no extra light sources used).

The idea of creating a Glow in the Dark Thread was born for a reason: since embroidery and knitting can be definitely considered as the most interesting art activities, it would've been unfair to steal the one of the most unusual means of expression from these "artists" and also steal the indescribable afterglow effect from their creations. And of course, if you are an expert in making baubles and bracelets from thread, and have mastered the thread weaving - you will definitely be interested in a wide range of Noxton's luminescent and glow in ultraviolet (fluorescent) threads. You can buy a Glow in the Dark Thread from Noxton by ordering it at "Contact Us" page.

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Composition: Luminescent paint for cloth is being applied to the surface of a thread in accordance with all the process requirements.

Luminous thread purpose: Making of various unique knitted, woven, embroidered things, souvenirs, etc.

Thread properties: Glow in the dark, with no help of extra light sources, for up to 6 hours considering the extinction.

Features of using the luminescent thread: Using of more powerful charging light source results in brighter glow.

Recommendations: Use the Glow in the Dark Thread when creating unique stuff, canvases, patterns, souvenirs and decor elements with glow feature.

Glow colors: Light green or light blue.

Human's health: Depends on the properties of the Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 - totally harmless to human's health, nontoxic, nonradioactive, hypoallergenic.

Required storage conditions: No restrictions.

glowing thread photo luminescent thread photo of fluoresecent thread sewing thread

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Thread:

  1. Luminescent sewing thread has a water-repellent ability and can withstand mechanical stresses.
  2. Glowing thread that glows light green, will be seen from a distance of 20 meters in the dark.
  3. Light-accumulative knitting yarn can also glow under ultraviolet rays (and to charge at the same time).
  4. Mouline thread, that has a glow in the dark feature, can become a new trend in dressmaking.

Become a representative of Noxton Company

Noxton Company informs its customers that you can make a luminescent thread yourself at home by using the glowing screen paint for cloth.
Technology and instructions on how to make a self-luminous yarn will be provided for free on order.
Noxton Technologies, a leader in the field of light-accumulative products, is always happy to help others with finding the new fields of using the luminescent paint.
If you are seeking for a consultation or need an advice - feel free to contact us, we will always help you.

Mouline thread and luminous sewing thread can be well combined with other finished products from Noxton, like Glow in the Dark T-Shirts.

To check out the prices for Noxton's glowing thread please proceed to "Price list" page.

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