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QR-code of Noxton
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What is the QR-code from Noxton? How to use it?

Noxton Company is a leader in the field of new technologies. We are not just producing the most high quality and demanded Glow in the Dark Paint, glow powder TAT 33 and other luminescent products but also strive to bring the modern IT-technologies achievements into our daily life. In this sense, the use of QR-code becomes a convenient necessity that we need so much in a fast moving world.

QR-code is a modern equivalent of the usual bar code that contains useful info about the company, its products, services, etc. By using a QR-code you can encode a text, website link, phone number, location, etc.
New type of code has a shape of a black and white square. Unique arrangement of the black dots on white background ensures the accuracy of decoding the embedded data.

QR-code can be easily read using a smartphone, tablet or scanner. In fact, any device with reading feature can decode the information.
Even if you don't have a smartphone near at hand you can make a photo of the code using a usual phone's camera.
Black and white picture can be decrypted later on any computer using numerous online services and special reading programs.

QR abbreviation means quick response.

How to use the QR-code:

1. Download and open a code reading program.
2. Take a scanner, phone or tablet with camera to the QR-code.
3. Point the camera at the code. The scanner can read the code from anywhere: from a list of paper, TV screen, PC monitor, etc.
4. Get the decoded info.

Programs used to read the QR-codes for the most popular platforms:

Google Goggles, QuickMark, Barcode Scanner (recommended), barcode2file, QR Droid, UpCode, NeoReader, ScanLife

Apple iOS:
Cenometr (Ценометр), RedLaser, Scan, QuickMark, Kaywa reader, I-Nigma, UpCode, NeoReader, ScanLife, BeeTagg

BeeTagg, NeoReader, ScanLife

Kaywa reader, UpCode, I-Nigma


Symbian OS:
Nokia barcode reader, I-Nigma, NeoReader, QuickMark, UpCode, Kaywa reader, ScanLife

Windows Mobile:
QuickMark, ScanLife, Kaywa reader, I-Nigma

Windows Phone 7:
I-Nigma, QuickMark, ScanLife, Kaywa reader

By using the best scanning programs you can decode not only the QR-codes but also to get information from an ordinary bar code.
We hope that now you will always know how to contact Noxton Technologies Company using new technologies.

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