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Glow powder, Luminous paint, Luminescent paint
Glow powder, Glow paint, Luminescent paint
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Dear customers!

We would like to inform you that a group of people, calling themselves Acmilight (""), is accused of fraud and dissemination of knowingly false info that is supposed to bring Noxton Company into discredit and tarnish its reputation. According to Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee there was opened a criminal case 27-26.4 against Acmilight. See the report's copy below:

It is written in Ukrainian so we have to explain our overseas customers that so called Acmilight "company" is accused of fraud, dissemination of false related to Noxton Company info, attempts to illegally sell the Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 (in fact they were selling a low-quality product instead), misleading the customers and a lot more.

As of today, all the documents necessary for criminal proceedings on so called "Acmilight" company had been transmitted to the Public Prosecutor! Think twice before making a decision to work with that kind of seller which is trying to sell you the products by any costs, using dirty deceit and slander methods. See the prosecutor response copy below:

We would also like to notify you that one of the websites belonging to that group of people has an available for download price list with glow powder TAT 33, sold for unreal price. You can see the price list below:

Higher quality image:

Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 high quality is its primary advantage. TAT 33 had never been sold for the price they indicate in their price list, and what is more, there is no zinc in TAT 33.
Sometimes you can get a deceit info that Noxton is actually Acmelight's partner or even worse - a subpurchaser company when asking these fraudsters. It is obviously a barefaced lie. TAT 33 glow intensity, fraction size, glow duration, people's health safety, glow homogeneity - that's how we know glow powder TAT 33 has much better quality and properties. It can be proven by every person using TAT 33. We are sure these individuals will be punished for cheating.

Here is a Chinese price list for glow powder (from Dalian Co, LTD, China) that you can find in free on-line sources:

Do you find these two price lists similar? So now you know what sort of "Netherlandish" glow powder you are buying and what kind of luminous paint can be made with it.
In fact, you don't have to overpay. If the quality suits you (does it really?) then you can bypass the intermediary and order directly from Chinese seller. Why would you pay 2-3 times more money for the same product?

But if you appreciate quality and enjoy working with safe and new products then we recommend you to see the basic info on Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 and self-luminous paint made of it.

It is always a pleasure for us to work with you. We will keep you updated on latest news related to current issue.

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