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Silk Screen Fluorescent paint for glass

Noxton for Glass Silk Screen Ultraviolet

Prices for Silk Screen Fluorescent paint for glass:
0.5 liters jar
1 liter jar
3 liters jar
5 liters jar
10 liters jar

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The minimum order for Ukraine is 0.5 l of Silk Screen fluorescent paint for glass.
This paint can be shipped to any country in the World.

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Ultraviolet Silk Screen Fluorescent paint for glass from Noxton is used to create glow in ultraviolet patterns on glass and ceramic surfaces using the screen printing method. In result it forms a homogenous fluorescent coating that is resistant to external factors. Fluorescent paint has high gloss rate.

Fluorescent paint composition: Silk Screnn Ultraviolet paint for glass from Noxton is made with high quality acrylic resins that have high adhesion and are prepared for mixing with a fluorescent component.

Purpose of the fluorescent paint: All types of glass and ceramic surfaces, porcelain. Glasses, cups, ashtrays. Shops and supermarkets windows, mirrors, glass furnishings, glass balls, vases, jugs, glass tables and shelves, appliances supports and a lot more.

Properties of the fluorescent paint: Ultraviolet paint glows brightly with its color when exposed to ultraviolet rays. You can use different ultraviolet waves spectrums to start the glow. During the day, covered with ultraviolet paint surface will have an attractive and rich color.

Methods for applying the fluorescent paint: Screenprinting.

Use of the fluorescent paint: Screen printing forms made from synthetic fabrics are used for printing. It is recommended to use the grid from 50 to 60. Before using Noxton's ultraviolet paint you have to mix it thoroughly until smooth (compulsory condition). It is recommended to make some samples before printing the main product. Drying time: about 3 hours on the racks at a temperature of +20C and about 15 minutes when drying at a temperature of +60C.

Consumption of the fluorescent paint: up to 10-12 m2 /l. in 1 layer (depends on the painting method)

Recommendations: Regulate the application uniformity using an ultraviolet lamp when applying the fluorescent paint.

Fluorescent paint and human's health: Nonradioactive, nontoxic, harmless to humans.

Storage of the fluorescent paint: Keep in a tightly sealed container at a temperature from 0C to +40C. Storage life of the fluorescent paint is up to 3 years, thanks to "KeepSafe" technology*.

Fluorescent paint package sizes: 0.5 liters, 1 liter, 3liters, 5 liters, 10 liters.

Silk Screen Fluorescent paint for glass has a variety of colors to choose from:

White fluorescent paint - white during the day, bluish-white glow when exposed to ultraviolet
Yellow fluorescent paint - yellow during the day, yellow glow when exposed to ultraviolet
Red fluorescent paint - red during the day, red glow when exposed to ultraviolet
Orange fluorescent paint - orange during the day, orange glow when exposed to ultraviolet
Blue fluorescent paint - blue during the day, blue glow when exposed to ultraviolet
Green fluorescent paint - green during the day, green glow when exposed to ultraviolet
Pink fluorescent paint - pink during the day, pink glow when exposed to ultraviolet
Dark pink fluorescent paint - dark pink during the day, dark pink glow when exposed to ultraviolet

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Advantages of Noxton's fluorescent paint:

  • Ultraviolet paint from Noxton is made with high quality fluorescent pigment that is extremely sunproof (it is very important!)
  • Noxton's fluorescent paint has high light-fastness rate and super long life time
  • Ultraviolet paint has a very attractive "price/quality" ratio that is highly appreciated by our customers
  • When applied to surface, fluorescent paint forms a durable glow in ultraviolet film that will be providing a homogenous glow when exposed to ultraviolet
  • Consumption of our ultraviolet paint is extremely low - one liter of the paint would be enough to paint a large area.
  • The excellent coverage rate of our fluorescent paint - even one layer will be enough to create a high quality glow in ultraviolet coating
  • Service life of our fluorescent paint is 200 years! This became possible thanks to "KeepSafe" technology! You've never seen anything like that before
  • Noxton Company has a permanent special offer going called "It can't be cheaper"! Learn more about it by following the link
  • Ultraviolet paint is made of eco-friendly materials so it won't affect your health (unlike many others)
  • Fluorescent paint is the same product as: ultraviolet paint, fluorescent liquid, transparent paint, glow in ultraviolet paint.

To see the prices for all kinds of fluorescent paints from Noxton please proceed to "Price list" page.

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* It is known that the service life of the liquid medium is limited in time so Noxton Company came up with a new simple and effective technology called "KeepSafe" that allows you to separate the glow in ultraviolet material from the medium and use it again wherever you want for years. This is the best option you can choose today and it is highly appreciated by our customers.

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