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"We buy glow photos" Special Offer. How to buy Noxton's glowing paint for a cheaper price

Noxton Technologies announces the launch of the special offer called "We buy glow photos".
The idea of the offer is to give every customer that bought Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33, luminescent or fluorescent paint from Noxton a right to get a discount on his further orders.
All you have to do is to send us the photos of the objects and surfaces that you've painted using our product.
It doesn't matter what you have painted. It can be: glowing rims, luminous t-shirt, self-luminous flowers, souvenirs, etc.

You get 1 euro for every 5 different photos.

The price of your next order will be reduced according to the discount you have gained before.

The offer gives you a chance to save your money and promote your ideas regarding glow technologies.

In addition to discounts for regular customers, bonuses and seasonal offers from Noxton Technologies new "We buy glow photos" special offer gives an opportunity to get the advantages of high quality products for even less money.

We will be waiting for your photos.

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