Glow powder directly from the manufacturer, Luminous paint, Luminescent paint

Glow powder directly from the manufacturer

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Glow powder directly from the manufacturer, Glowing paint directly from the manufacturer
Glow powder directly from the manufacturer, Luminescent paint
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A lot of people today are trying to buy a glow powder directly from the manufacturer.
Glow powder is an interesting modern product that you can use to improve the visual effect of the object covered with this luminescent pigment, to create a plenty of extra design elements and a lot more.
As of today you can find many companies that would try to sell you a glow powder or a finished luminescent paint. Why "try" you may ask? Because 98% of these "companies" don't even know what glow powder is, how it works, where it is produced and how to use it. Instead, they were able to sense the potential demand and now they are trying to find a supplier in China or somewhere in Hong Kong that would sell them the product for an extremely low price. Check out the Advantages of the Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33

They get the coincident quality in result. The worst thing about it is not that these "companies" collapse after 2 or 3 months of unsuccessful operation but that the customer that bought a cheap glow powder will be evermore disappointed with the quality of the glow powder and its glow performance. Typically it is really hard or even impossible to convince these people or to prove them that the high quality glow powder exists.
Today we see that almost every company is offering to buy a glow powder from the manufacturer.

In fact, glow powder is only produced in several countries around the world. As for Ukraine, the company that is specialized in glow powder production is Noxton Technologies.
We are continuously monitoring the glow powders and luminescent paints market. It's no exaggeration to say that, as of today, Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 has the best "price/quality" ratio. Read our article about: How to choose the right glow powder?

Let's make a short overview of certain glow powder producing countries.
For example, you can buy the cheapest luminescent pigment in China. It may cost you about 20-30 USD for 1 kg. That's the worst option among all the glow powders from the manufacturers. You ask why? The answer is pretty simple: this kind of glow powder is made of aluminosilicates (instead of being made of pure aluminas), that's why its service life doesn't exceed 1.5-2 years at best. Chinese glow powder is contingently harmless. That's because of the hydrophobicity of the luminescent pigment particles. When exposed to water it forms a toxic to humans strontium oxide. In addition to these (quite important ones, as we believe) features Chinese glow powder from the manufacturer also has low glow intensity and short glow duration. It is unfortunate that many customers are being too careless when taking into account only the price of the glow powder while not paying much attention to the other parameters of the luminescent pigment. As a result, this leads to the fact that "final price" of such a purchase is getting increased by more than 10 times, including the treatment of acute respiratory diseases and detoxifying of the liver and kidney and a lot more.
Korean or Hong Kong glow powder is no different from the Chinese one except for the higher price. Technology of glow powder production is absolutely the same.

When buying a glow powder from the manufacturer in Russia, be 99% sure it was produced on the old soviet equipment that was intended for sintering the glow powder out of zinc oxides. For example, luminescent pigment is produced on the Stavropol luminophore factory. There is also a small company glow powder producing in Moscow. Product quality leaves much to be desired and its basic characteristics are way lower than the ones that Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 has.
The most noteworthy glow powder is the one that comes from the Japanese manufacturer. When testing this kind of glow powder we found out that it is made of the most pure components (as required by the technology of glow powder production) and has reasonable glow uniformity. Although the luminescent pigment turned out be hydrophobic, its glow intensity and duration were still ok. The main features of Japanese glow powder are - relatively low peak luminescence brightness and longer period of medium glow intensity of the glow powder. Cost of 1 kg of this glow powder exceeds 400 euros - that's a significant drawback of current glow powder coming from Japan.

Thereby glow powder from the manufacturer is a product that can be bought in different countries; however it will have either a low price and low quality or a sufficient quality and extremely high cost. And what about the best quality and affordable price? That's exactly what Noxton Company offers by making it possible for you to buy a real glow powder directly from the manufacturer that would have the best quality and reasonable price.
We will help you to make clear all the details of using the Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33. You will definitely learn how to make a glowing paint out of a glow powder, apply it to the surface and provide your customers with advices.

We recommend you to check out the list of possible fields of using the Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33.
You can also buy our glow powder by contacting us using one of the ways on "Contact Us" page.

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Dmitry Rostov, manager of Noxton Technologies Company

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