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Glow in the Dark Night Sky

Glow in the Dark Star Sky

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Glow in the Dark Night Sky is a set of self-adhesive luminous stars, which can be applied to a wall or a ceiling. These decorative stars have an ability to glow autonomously in the dark with no extra illumination. Everything you have to do is to turn on the light in the room for several minutes. Luminescent effect occurs right after the lights are turned off. They can even be charged from the Sun, flashlight, lamp and ultraviolet. Luminous energy accumulation goes extremely fast. That means, every time you enter the room and turn the light on for 2-5 minutes - you, thereby, charge the "Night Sky". That allows sky to become a self-glowing one for several hours.

Glow in the Dark Night Sky set is made of luminescent PVC film with an adhesive reverse side. You won't need any glue or other tools to apply the set. Glowing sky will be looking especially impressive in the nursery (product is absolutely harmless to humans). It is also great that you can take down the glowing stars without any prejudice, and if needed, to make a real sky map in another room.

Luminescent sky can be made on any type of ceiling (plasterboard, plaster). Stretch ceiling is the best one for applying "stars" on it. During the day, the luminous stars are almost not seen on the light ceiling. Because of that, "planetarium" will not cause any changes in your room (in case you want them to be seen - we can make its daytime color and glow color more contrast). You can even get a real 3D effect by applying some stars to the walls as well as to the ceiling. Glowing night sky will be holding great both on painted walls and on wallpapers.

Light effects like that one became real due to development of new technologies. Noxton Company is proud of the fact that there is now a possibility to get a self-glowing effect with no electricity. "Glow in the Dark Night Sky" set from Noxton Technologies is itself a great replacement of a projector or a sky night light, which are electrically powered.
Glow in the Dark Night Sky goes well together with other products from our company: luminescent flowers, glowing stones, self-luminous t-shirts and others.

Self-glowing sky Night sky Night sky photo Glowing night sky

Composition: "Glow in the Dark Night Sky" set is made of high quality self-adhesive film from Noxton.

Purpose of the luminous set: Create a glowing night sky at your own home. Planetarium is now closer than ever before.

Luminous sky properties: Glowing stars accumulate the energy from light. Luminous effect can be seen every time the lights are turned off. The process is getting repeated for unlimited number of times. Total time of afterglow is up to 6-8 hours, considering the extinction. Duration of self-glowing effect depends on intensity of the light sources.

Features of using: Wipe down the stars from time to time. It will make the glow brighter.

Surface preparation: When applying the "Night Sky" to walls and ceiling, make sure the surface is clean.

Recommendations: Don't use too many of these luminous stars or, in that case, the night will turn into the day.

"Night sky" service life: More than 5 years for PVC film. Afterglow itself is not limited in time and its intensity won't become lower after recharging.

Ecology: Harmless to humans. "Glow in the Dark Night Sky" set is nonradioactive and nontoxic.

Available for order colors of glow: Light-green glow.

See the Night sky Night sky photo Night sky set Night sky photo

Interesting facts about about Glow in the Dark Night Sky:

  1. Self-glowing stars can be charged in just couple of minutes.
  2. Competent use of the "Night Sky" set and its correct application to walls and ceiling will allow you to get a real 3D effect.
  3. Afterglow intensity of the stars decreases in the dark with time, helping your child to fall asleep faster.
  4. Stars luminescence with varying intensity will last until dawn.
  5. If you will be looking at the luminous "Night Sky" for at least 10 minutes, you would fill yourself calm and staid (sedative effect).

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Noxton Technologies reports that a self-glowing "Night Sky" can be made by your own self at home. There are several ways to make it:

  • You can use Noxton luminous film to cut some stars out of it.
  • Glowing "Northern Sky" can also be made by applying the luminescent paint for PVC film to ORACAL using ordinary brush.
  • Alternative way is to use glow powder, from Noxton, which is added to acrylic lacquer. The resulting glow in the dark paint is getting applied to ORACAL.
  • You may draw the stars on the walls or ceiling instead of sticking them. Use the luminous paint for interior to do this. In that case, there is a possibility to make a multicolor glow. It's a real artwork that allows you to make a glowing copy of our universe even more realistic.

We'll give you detailed instructions if you'll order a luminous paint or Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33.
Absolutely anyone is able to make such a star map or any other light-accumulative masterpieces by his own, no special training is required.
Someone may use Noxton modern technologies to start his own business. We provide such people with free advices on how to do it.

To see the prices for Glow in the Dark Night Sky sets from Noxton, please proceed to "Price list" page.

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