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Glow in the Dark Sneakers

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Glow in the Dark Sneakers
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Glow in the Dark Sneakers

Glow in the Dark Sneakers

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We can ship the glowing sneakers to any country in the World.

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Glowing sneakers from Noxton Company were designed for various social and age groups, people of different professions and physical activity level. This can be explained by the product's specificity: sneakers have been a part of our daily lives as footwear for every occasion for a long time already - whether we are having a walk around the city or a picnic in the countryside, going to gym, stadium, night club or even to work.
That's all due to the fact that modern people are giving preference to convenience and comfort. Noxton Company is adding some new features to all these advantages: visual appeal, unusual design and a unique ability of our sneakers to glow in the dark.

We can offer a wide range of products that have different sizes so they will suit all the age groups: luminous kid's sneakers, luminescent gumshoes, glowing women's shoes, self-luminous men's shoes, light-accumulative basketball shoes, glowing running shoes and even glow in the dark studded sneakers (studding is made to order).

It is worth to say that the product is accessible to everyone since it is presented in different price categories. But of course if you would to like to make the surface of your sneakers completely glowing in the dark - that would cost you a little bit more. If you want to get an unusual pair of shoes that will glow in the dark and to save your money at the same time - you can choose from sneakers with glowing sole, sneakers with luminescent laces and self-luminous brand logo.
Together with area reduction of the product that has a unique glow in the dark feature - its cost is getting reduced too.

It is important to note that luminous shoes won't lose their usability with time and do not need any special care. That means they can be used on a rainy day as well. Luminescent coating is resistant to mechanical stresses.

Glow in the Dark Sneakers can be combined with other luminous clothes (our customers prefer to buy a glow in the dark t-shirt and self-luminous sneakers together). In that case you will definitely outshine the others (both literally and figuratively).
But if you are a fan of a certain sportswear brand then you can contact our experts to discuss your wishes (like model and size of the sneakers) while Noxton will make sure your sneakers got a unique afterglow feature.

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Composition: Glow effect is getting achieved by using the unique luminescent screen printing paint that is applied to the front side of the sneakers or any other shoes.

Sneakers field of use: All the spheres of life: Activities, sport, everyday life.

Self-luminous sneakers properties: Glow in the dark by themselves, with no help of extra illumination. Total glow time after a short charge on the average is up to 6 hours considering the extinction.

Health safety: Material is totally harmless to humans health.

Glow colors: Light green, yellow, orange, red, light blue, green, blue, pink and others.

Terms of use: Protect from alkalis exposure and strong mechanical stresses.

Service life of the luminescent component: 200 years. Light-accumulative effect won't disappear even when the sneakers will become worthless.

Recommendations: Sharp illumination change contributes to maximum glow intensity.

Order options: Should be discussed individually.

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Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Sneakers:

  1. Glowing sneakers will be even glowing during the day, when the owner enters a house. In that case, the Sun would give your luminescent shoes enough charge to show the afterglow effect inside the building.
  2. Luminescent gumshoes or sneakers are even getting charged on a cloudy day, when the Sun is hidden behind the clouds.
  3. Glow in the Dark Sneakers lifetime depends on how they were used and is not inferior to the lifetime of an ordinary pair of shoes.
  4. Even 2 minutes under the Sun rays would result in sneakers glow in a darker place.
  5. Glowing kid's sneakers are totally harmless to children. Luminescent shoes ability to rapidly charge and glow in the dark would definitely capture his attention.
  6. Certain afterglow colors, in addition to glow in the dark effect, are also able to emit the energy under ultraviolet rays.

Become a partner of Noxton Company

Noxton Company reminds its customers that you can even make the glowing sneakers by yourself at home. You won't need to order the self-luminous shoes at our company then.
For example, in case you like the Nike sneakers then you can bring them a light-accumulative feature by using luminous plastisol paint.
What is more you can choose whether to cover your shoes with the paint completely or to draw some single luminous lines.
Noxton Company can offer experienced designers and garment factories a range of professional screen printing paints that are used to make long-lasting photoluminescent paintings on any shoes surfaces.

We are always happy to assist our customers. Dealerships opening in other cities and countries is welcome.
Copperate with Noxton Tech manufacturing company, the leader in modern light-accumulative technologies field!

Glow in the Dark Sneakers would go well together with other products from Noxton, like unusual luminescent t-shirt, cool glowing ball, versatile self-luminous threads and others.

To see the price for the sneakers with glowing sole and more please proceed to "Price list" page.

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