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Glow in the Dark Decorative Sand

Glow in the Dark Decorative Sand

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Colored sand from Noxton can be shipped to any city in the World.

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Glowing colored sand from Noxton Company would help you to implement your most unusual and ambitious ideas. We are talking about a range of glow in the dark sand made by our Company. Here you will find the widest colors variety of all fractions decorative light-accumulative sand (we are offering our customers far more types of luminescent colored sands comparing to similar products from other companies, that don't have a unique self-glow in the dark feature).

Light-generative decorative, as well as its field of use, are extremely diverse. Glowing colored sand is heavily used in landscape and garden design. It is important to consider when creating a design that during the day you will be seeing the colored sand that is not much different from the ordinary not glowing one while it will start glowing with no help of extra illumination in the dark. That's why the decorative sand with glow feature is often combined with regular colored sand, for example when contouring something or making sand walkways. For that purpose people often use the glowing stones in combination with luminescent sand.

Light-accumulative colored sand is heavily used in construction and finishing works. People often use Glow in the Dark Decorative Sand when installing polymer flooring and making plaster mixtures. The main advantage of the luminescent sand from our Company is that it gives an afterglow feature to the object while meeting all the needs as decorative sand. You are not just getting a floor, walls or a ceiling of the desired color seen during the day but also acquiring a chance to observe the self-glow effect in the dark when dusk comes. What is more, the visual effect is so awesome that it will totally worth the expenses incurred during its creation.

Decorative luminescent quartz sand is often used when making hourglasses. According to that fact, luminescent sand can be considered as a souvenir product. You can check out the rest of the souvenir products from Noxton at luminous souvenirs page.

Glowing sand photo Decorative sand photo Fluorescent sand photo Quartz sand photo

Landscape design and finishing works are quite laborious and lengthy processes, so you have to recourse to experts help when creating an ambitious project. However, you can use our luminous decorative sand in your mini-projects. Here are some examples of where you may use it:

  • as aquarium pellets: self-luminous sand is not hydrophobic and is totally harmless, so you can use it even if you have the most exotic and whimsical species of fish;
  • as a decorative element for flowerpots: just like luminescent decorative stones, glowing sand is heavily used when decorating the upper soil layer in big flowerpots. You can see those in offices, malls and in houses and apartments sometimes;
  • as a material for decorative crafts: a vase with luminous sand of different colors and maybe with dried flowers, candles or artificial flowers is an easy way to create an unusual and handsome design, and what is even more important, it doesn't require a lot effort and time to get the visual effect that will surpass your expectations;
  • as an element of creative kits: self-luminous sand for art can arouse your kids interest in creative activities, while improving his perseverance, endurance and patience.

Glowing sand ingredients: Combination of quartz sand and a Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33.

Decorative sand purpose: Landscape and garden design, construction and finishing works, hourglasses filling, interiors design, creative kits.

Self luminous sand properties: While being of normal color during the day, in the dark it starts to glow by itself with no extra light sources used. Intensity and duration of glow depend on the charge brightness and time. Colored sand can be charged using any source of light: sunlight, incandescent lamps, ultraviolet lamps, etc. Glow duration is up to 6 hours considering the extinction. Peak glow intensity can be seen during first hours.

Colored sand glow colors: Green, light blue, fulvous, orange-yellow, yellow, pink-yellow, blue and others.

Health: Nontoxic. Nonradioactive.

Required storage conditions: No restrictions.

Glowing sand photo Decorative sand photo Colored sand photo Luminous sand photo

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Decorative Sand from Noxton:

  1. Luminous sand would be even glowing at the bottom of the pool, at a depth of 2 and more meters (due to water clarity - light is able to reach the bottom and charge the glow powder).
  2. Rain, snow and other weather conditions won't affect the light-accumulative effect anyhow. Our colored sand has an unlimited life time.
  3. Right after you turn off the lights decorative sand starts to glow so brightly that the whole room would be flooded with light. You would be able to see the text in a book or in newspaper when using that kind of illumination.
  4. Decorative fluorescent sand from Noxton glows under ultraviolet rays as well.

Become a dealer of Noxton, a company of new ideas

You can always buy the luminous colored sand at Noxton Company by contacting our sales department.
Noxton Technologies Company also reminds its customers that you can make a colored sand with afterglow effect yourself at home.
In order to do that, just add from 2 to 10% of high quality Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 to regular decorative sand. The powder would be providing the glow effect in the dark.
Detailed instructions would be provided. We are currently in search of partners to work on favorable terms in other regions.
Start your own business with Noxton Company, a luminescent materials market leader!

Light-accumulative sand can be well combined with other finished products from Noxton, like: beautiful glowing artificial flowers, trendy luminescent balloons and unusual luminous Christmas tree.

To see the prices for luminous colored sand from Noxton please proceed to "Price list" page.

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