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Glow in the Dark Christmas Tree

Glow in the Dark Christmas Tree

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Luminescent Christmas tree can be shipped to any city in the World.

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Glowing Christmas tree can glow autonomously in the dark after being charged from any source of light. That means, artificial Christmas tree would be emitting the glow every time you turn off the room light. Accumulated from an ordinary lamp energy makes tree's luminescent coating glow green (other luminescence colors are available).

Light-accumulative artificial Christmas trees have unlimited service life. So you can use it every time when celebrating Christmas holidays. Glow intensity doesn't get reduced with years.
Special luminous coating on the needles of a Christmas tree is resistant to mechanical impact and is totaly harmless to humans.

Glow in the Dark Christmas Tree doesn't require any special charging or electricity. Turning the lights on and off itself results in Christmas tree charge and afterglow. Luminescent Christmas tree looks especially unique when decorated with glowing Christmas toys that can be bought at our Company as well.

Light energy accumulation goes really fast. Even 10 minutes of turned on illumination are enough to get a bright and rich glow in the dark. When it becomes darker - there is enough glow brightness of a Christmas tree to illuminate the surroundings. Soft green or light blue afterglow would help you to create a festive atmosphere and bring a sense of coziness and comfort to your house.

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Composition: A decorative artificial Christmas tree fully covered with a special glowing paint for PVC.

Purpose: Used as a decorative self-luminous Christmas tree that would always bring and maintain a festive mood during Christmas holidays.

Artificial Christmas tree properties: Glowing Christmas tree accumulates the light from any source: Sun, ultraviolet, day light, lamp, flashlight, etc. When you turn of the light - the self-glow effect becomes visible. It can potentially go on for 5-7 hours considering the extinction. Bright phase lasts up to 60 minutes. Service life of the luminescent coating is about 200 years.

Maximum number of charge cycles: Not limited.

Features of using: Decorate your Christmas tree with either ordinary Christmas balls or with luminescent ones in order to get even better beautiful visual afterglow effect.

Recommendations: After Christmas holidays are over - carefully wrap the Glow in the Dark Christmas Tree in a film to avoid damaging its branches.

Christmas tree size: Discussed individually. Various options are possible.

Glow colors: Basic green or light blue.

artificial Christmas trees photo Luminous Christmas tree photo artificial fir-tree glowing Christmas tree

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Christmas Tree:

  1. Green afterglow color is the most popular one since it replicates the natural day color of a Christmas tree.
  2. When the lights are off glow intensity becomes so high that you can even read a book near the luminescent artificial Christmas tree.
  3. Cut Living Christmas Tree can also be made a glow in the dark one. In order to do that, just use a ready-made luminescent paint from Noxton.
  4. "Night Sky" set would go perfectly together with artificial self-luminous in the dark Christmas tree.

Become a partner of Noxton Company

Noxton Technologies Company also reminds its customers that you can make a glowing Christmas tree (living or artificial one) yourself at home. The procedure is really quite simple and does not depend on the type of a Christmas tree:

1. First of all you have to buy an artificial or natural Christmas tree anywhere you want.
2. Clean the tree from grease and dust. Needles can be wiped with a damp cloth.
3. Apply 1-2 layers of glowing paint for plastic in case you want to paint an artificial Christmas tree. But if you want to bring a luminescent effect to a living Christmas tree then use a luminous paint for interiors.
4. Wait until decorative tree will become completely dry and start enjoying the soft afterglow effect.

We would be happy to make it all clear for you. Noxton is currently in search of representatives to work on favorable conditions in other regions and countries.
Our company provides assistance in starting business from a scratch.

If you would like to see the prices and buy a Glow in the Dark Christmas Tree from Noxton please proceed to "Contact Us" page.

You may also be interested in other products from our Company, like modern luminescent facing house tiles, cool glowing souvenirs, unusual fridge magnets and others.

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