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Glow in the Dark Facing Tile

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Glow in the Dark Facin Tile photo
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Glow in the Dark Facing Tile

Glow in the Dark Facing Tile

Prices for Glow in the Facing tile:
1 sq.m. area
3 sq.m. area
7 sq.m. area
15 sq.m. area

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We can ship our luminous facing tiles to any city in the World.

Buy Glow in the Dark Facing Tile

Luminous facing tile is one of the most awesome products made by Noxton Company. For a reason of course. Since ancient times people are decorating their homes, bringing comfort and coziness to the place where they spend a significant part of their life. Well, of course drawing petroglyphs is not applicable today. However our passion for designing the houses is still there. You know it by a variety of decorative materials and options for interior finishing.

We have decided to concentrate on something that has not just a high artistic and decorative value but also a number of useful and essential practical features. So our luminescent tile for bathroom is covered with an extra water-repellent coating. Thereby the properties of the luminous surface (which is not hydrophobic itself) and its moisture resistance have been considerably improved. That means, when choosing our product you get a perfect solution for your renovation problem and its marvelous artistic realization.

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Light-accumulative stone look facing tile (for fireplace decoration) from Noxton Company compares favorably with ordinary one due to the fact that it is covered with an extra fire proof coating which protects the color and the exterior of the tile looks better for a longer period of time comparing to regular materials. Herewith you get a high quality facing material that has a unique self-glow feature.
It is worth to note that light-accumulative tile (just like luminescent tile, Glow in the Dark Decorative Stone, glowing decorative brick look tile and self-glowing facing bricks) is one of the best way to realize the idea of using the unique afterglow effect in interior design.
This can be explained by physical properties of the glow powder: glow intensity directly depends on two factors the brightness and the duration of the charge by any source of light and temperature regime. Under high temperature glow intensity increases significantly. Thus you are enjoying not just the calming firewood crackling in your fireplace but also the cladding material glow in the dark effect.

If you've decided to choose the luminous kitchen flooring from Noxton - you get some extra benefits again. In fact our experts had derived an improved formula of finishing coat for this particular type of glowing tiles, thanks to which the gloss lasts longer, stains and smudges are considerably less visible on this tile in comparison with analogues made of ordinary materials.

You may also consider the alternative way of using the light-accumulative and luminescence effects in decoration. This option is attractive because of its low cost first of all. You can even use a special luminous grouting material for joints when putting up ordinary tiles or artificial stone. That way you'll get an ability to see the glow in the dark feature (from an aesthetic point of view it will be as impressive as when using self-luminous decorative tiles) while not exceeding your renovation budget.

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Composition of luminous facing tiles: Decorative tiles or stones with a special durable self-glowing coating made of high quality luminescent paint for ceramic surfaces.

Purpose of luminescent decorative tiles: Autonomous glow in the dark that occurs when the lights are off. Used as a cool element of modern design.

Properties of Glow in the Dark Facing Tiles: Light-accumulative ceramic coating glows by itself in the dark for 6-7 hours considering the extinction, after it was charged by any source of light, like a regular room lamp.

Finishing materials types: Decorative bricks, ceramic tiles, artificial stone and others.

Recommendations: Decorative material of lighter color accumulates the energy way better. That obviously results in brighter and longer afterglow.

Ecology: Harmless to humans, nontoxic.

Tiles glow colors: Basic green glow. Light blue self-luminescence (optional).

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Ceramic Tile:

  1. Luminescent effect is eternal. It won't get lost or reduced in years.
  2. When you turn off the lights, facing tiles from Noxton immediately start to emit a super bright glow that can totally illuminate all the surroundings.
  3. Decorative tiles are covered with a moisture resistant coating that will be protecting the original color of the picture or pattern for a long time.
  4. Ultraviolet instantly charges the luminous surface and causes a bright glow.

Become a new partner of Noxton Company

So what to do if you have already ended up with renovation? In fact the laying of the luminescent ceramic tile (same as ordinary) is quite a troublesome and laborious process but you've already made a decision to use luminescent facing tile and are not going to give up on that idea. In that case you can choose an option to create glowing tiles yourself. Just make a stencil (your own design) and apply your picture to the surface, using the glowing paint. Be sure we will provide you with all the necessary materials and advices.

Noxton Company as always reminds its customers that decorative tiles go perfect together with other luminous products like modern paving slabs, beautiful Glow in the Dark Paintings and unique "night sky".

To check out the prices for self-glowing facing tiles from Noxton, please proceed to "Price list" page.

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