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Glow in the Dark Car Rims

Glow in the Dark Car Rims

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Glowing car rims will complement your car's style while being an example of modern external tuning. Main purpose of the current rims - to glow in the dark after being charged from any source of light. Instead of neon, LED strips and other accessories that need the energy to get a glow effect, our luminescent car wheels don't need any permanent power supply. Any light source gives a charge to the luminous rims. Consequently they get the energy needed for self-glowing in the dark. Charging go really fast with any source of light: Sun, ultraviolet, streetlight, illuminated shop window, car headlights, etc. More powerful charging light source gives more energy to rims so it results in brighter glow.

Luminous car rims are water-resistant and can withstand mechanical stresses and temperature drops. Special glow paint for wheels protects the surface from chips, scratches and impact of weak acids and alkalis. That means our luminescent rims have the same driving performance as ordinary pressed or alloy ones. Here, at Noxton Company, we can keep the day color of your wheels while making them glow in the dark. We use special types of translucent paints for rims.

Tuned wheels from Noxton go well together with other products and accessories from our Company: glow t-shirt, luminous badges, glowing keychains and a lot more.

Luminous car rims are heavily used in many countries worldwide. Due to soft glow effect of our wheels, they won't interfere with other drivers, so they can be used with no restrictions. When working with Noxton Technologies you become able to get exclusive self-glow rims made according to your design. Our experts would be happy to assist you in getting any project related to glowing car rims.

Glowing car rims Disk sample Luminous rims Glow in the Dark Rims photo

Composition of the luminescent car rims: Various types of car rims with a durable luminescent coating that was applied using special glow paint for metall.

Purpose of the self-glow rims: To get a glow effect either in the dark or in low light conditions.

Properties of the glow car rims: Luminous coating of the rims is getting charged by the Sun during the day and by any light source at night (streetlight, lamps, car headlights). After moving the car to a darker place the glow effect appears. Charging from brighter light source results in better glow. Maximum glow duration is up to 6-8 hours considering the extinction (depends on the environmental conditions). Brightest glow phase lasts about 1 hour.

Features of using the glowing rims: You have to wash the rims from time to time, to remove the dirt and dust from the surface. Opaque materials prevent light from reaching the luminescent coating. That results in dim glow of the rims.

Recommendations: Sharp illumination change results in better glow effect.

Glow colors: Green and light blue (main colors), red, blue, yellow, orange, pink.

Ecological issues: Glowing car rims are totally harmless to humans. Absolutely nontoxic.

Service life of the luminous rims: Up to 5 years. While the glow effect itself will be visible for about 200 years.

Order options for decorative rims: You may order rim kits that include 4 pcs, 8 pcs, 12 pcs...

Glow wheel photo Luminescent rims photo Self-glowing rims Luminous Rims photo

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Car Rims:

  1. Tuned rims from Noxton have an ability to glow not just by themselves but also under ultraviolet rays.
  2. The glow effect of the rims can be even seen during the day, when the car is passing a tunnel, going under a bridge or just moving in a shade.
  3. There is also a possibility to paint the brake callipers as well as the rims, which will be glowing because of the static field that appears as a result of braking.
  4. Glowing wheel covers can become an alternative to luminescent rims since they can be set on any car.
  5. Noxton Company is able to make to make your rims glow and at the same time keep their day color for as much as possible (that's especially important for titanium and chrome wheels).

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Noxton Company also reminds you that you can actually make Glow in the Dark Rims by yourself, using the luminescent paint for rims and basic green Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33.
Find out more about the process of painting the rims using glow paint.
Technology of painting car rims is quite simple. Noxton Technologies provides its customers with detailed information and instructions on how to paint the car rims by yourself.
To check out the prices for Glow in the Dark Car Rims from Noxton please proceed to "Price list" page.

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