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Glow in the Dark Badges

Glow in the Dark Badges

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Glow in the Dark Badge is a unique product by Noxton with huge prospects. Badges will never lose their importance due to several reasons. First of all, they are useful in case you want people to notice you and the company you represent. Of course badges are more widespread nowadays. That's why Noxton Company specialists established a new production line for luminescent badges with any type of fasteners (pockets, clips, ribbons, chains).

The most important feature of the product is definitely the self-glow effect. That means, mini-ad placed by using the luminous badges ensures a high level of the awareness of the product and / or the brand. This feature is useful not just for promotions but also during the public seminars, congresses and symposiums.
You must agree that sponsor should always get a profit from the project he is financing. By using the glowing badges during the events, organizer becomes able to guarantee a profit for the sponsor. Along with this type of product, in order to reach the same goals (sales/brand promotion, increase of the brands awareness) our customers often use luminous fridge magnets.

Era of a fanaticism about wearing badges has definitely ended. However, today we see as cool badges are becoming increasingly popular. We receive a lot of questions from our customers. We believe it proves the fact that there is a huge demand on glowing badges and their varieties (light-accumulative badges, luminescent medals, glow in the dark awards). We do not mean military awards, army and USSR badges of course. However young people will always have a passion for jokes. That's the reason why our customers wish (young people mostly) to order glowing badges (for example a badge dedicated to leaving a secondary school or a college, insignias, badge for merit, graduate badge and others).

The older generation is attracted to such types of our products as glowing "Veteran of Labour" medal, self-glow "Medal for Merit" badge and other luminescent medals. It is known by every competent chief that any employee needs an encouragement, which can be either financial or intangible. Glow in the Dark Badge from Noxton given to the employee is nothing else but a great intangible incentive and a praise. Especially since you may order a custom luminous badge (even with a name on it) here at Noxton.

Glow medals photo Examples of luminous badges Glowing medals picture Badges photo

It is worth to mention another modern trend among young people: freedom of speech and action forces the younger generation to discover the new ways of self-expression and self-determination. What is more, for a lot of individuals it is important not just to have a unique behavior style but also to accentuate it. That's why the luminous badges on clothes, luminescent baubles and self-glow bandannas are in great demand. In case this kind of self-expression is right for you we recommend you to check out the "Glow picture on the cloth" page.

Noxton Company always tried to keep up with the times and to fully meet the needs of its customers. That's why we offer you not just to buy glowing badges (we have a lot available for sale self-glow badges of different shapes and sizes with our symbols), but also to make luminous badges and medals according to your very own design. You decide what you want to see on the badge, choose its size, shape and color (or you may send us a picture), and we make your idea a reality! And remember that, cooperation with Noxton and the final product will bring you a lot of positive emotions!

Composition: Luminescent badges are covered with special luminescent screen ink, that creates the afterglow effect in the dark.

Purpose: Decorative badges and medals have a unique self-glow feature, which is heavily used by designers, stylists and fashion generation to make a modern image.

Properties: Luminous badges are able to accumulate the light during the day and to emit it in the dark for a long period of time. Product charge time is from 4 to 6 hours. Effective self-glow duration - from 30 to 60 minutes. Badges can be charged for unlimited times.

Feature of using the product: Decorative luminous badges start to glow every time the owner enter the house from the bright outside (even if it's not a complete darkness in the house).

Recommendations: White and light colored medals and badges glow better in the dark.

Luminescence colors: Light blue, light green, yellow, orange and others.

Ecology: Harmless to humans (to children as well).

Total lifetime: Unlimited.

Photo of self-glowing badges Luminescent badges picture Luminous badges photo Badges photo

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Badges:

  1. Luminescent coating allows you to read the inscription on the badge in total darkness.
  2. Self-glow badges are moisture and water resistant: don't worry about taking them to a pool, sea, etc.
  3. When the lights are sharply turned off - light-accumulative badge or a medal will start to glow brightly while marking the owner.
  4. There is also a possibility to make badges with a translucent light-generative coating, which will not overlap and obscure the inscription.

Become a partner of Noxton - the company of new ideas

Noxton Company reports that you can easily make some glowing badges and medals by yourself at home. Use the glow powder TAT 33 of the desired color
and add it to clear lacquer or resin.
You may even use a brush to apply the paint. We will provide you the detailed instructions.
By following our advices you may start a production of the unique badges anywhere.
On the other hand you may still order medals and honors by contacting our Customer Service.

Decorative medals combine perfect with other products from Noxton, like beautiful luminescent pens, modern glow sneakers and durable nail polish.

To see the prices for Noxton badges please proceed to "Price List" page.

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