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Glow in the Dark Ashtray

Glow in the Dark Ashtray

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Luminous ashtray has an ability to glow autonomosly in the dark after being charged from any source of light. No extra illumination is needed in order to get a glow effect. Glow in the Dark Ashtray can be charged by an ordinary room light, lamp, flashlight, ultraviolet, Sun, etc. Charging time is extremely short. 5-10 minutes of light accumulation results in self-glow in the dark for up to 6-7 hours considering the extinction.

There are three different materials Glow in the Dark Ashtrays can be made of:

  • Clear glass ashtrays. The most popular kind. They provide the better glow effect after the special paint is applied, due to the fact that they get charged from every side. That means, it takes less to time to get the maximum energy. Luminescent glass ashtray is moisture resistant, so it can be washed. Cigarette stubbing won't damage the self-glowing coating. There are also crystal ashtrays available for order.
  • Ceramic light-accumulative ashtrays. It is a decorative accessory made of white or light opaque ceramics. That elegant-looking ashtray perfectly accumulates the light energy. Instead, the glow of the darker decorative ashtrays is weaker, than the glow of the lighter ones because of the fact that black color is accumulative and is absorbing the portion of the energy.
  • Wooden ashtrays. Ashtrays of that type usually have a unique shape and are produced in small batches. They are often handmade. That's why every ashtray has its own special unique design, implemented by a master. Luminous coating stays perfect on the wooden ashtrays.

Self-glowing ashtray photo Glow ashtray example Glow in the Dark Ashtray photo Glow ashtray picture

It is worth note that there are four incredible types of ashtrays:

  • Coughing ashtray or as it is usually called - Lung Ashtray. Bottom of that awesome gift has a form of smokers lungs, that helps smoker to discourage the habit. What is interesting, after shaking off the ashes, the lungs start to cough while emitting a shrill sound.
  • Illuminated ashtray is a unique souvenir with a lid. Rigth after you open the upper lid - the light turns on (two or three LEDs), illuminating the small area around the gadget.
  • USB ashtray. The souvenir can be connected to an ordinary USB port on the PC. When smoking, you can trun on the internal fan, that will blow the smoke to the filter to purify it. This ashtray will protect others from breathing the acrid smoke.
  • Turtle ashtray - unique but not really a humane way to use a keratinized skin of tortoiseshell. It is rightfully considered to be an exclusive and expensive gift or a present.
Whatever the ashtray is, Noxton Company can make it a glowing one. It will be an absolutely unique and awesome ashtray with a glow in the dark feature. Lifetime of the gadget is not limited. You may either propose your own painting idea or choose one of our options.

Composition: Ashtray surface may be covered either with a special glowing paint for glass or with a permanent composition based on Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33

Purpose: A unique gift, modern souvenir and an awesome present. The ashtray of that kind is often used as a luxurious decor element in the night clubs, restaurants, bars and other places.

Properties: Self-glow gadget accumaltes the energy from any source of light, like: lamp, ultraviolet, day light, etc. After the ashtray is given to a customer in the dark room, it starts to glow by itself. Total afterglow duration is up to 7 hours, considering the extinction of the glowing effect. Lifetime is not limited.

Recommendations: Make sure you charge the unique ashtray before starting to smoke or giving it to a customer. Better glow effect can be seen in a darker place.

Used materials: Glass, ceramics, wood, clay and others.

Glow colors: Light green, yellow, red, light blue, orange, pink and others.

Glow ashtrau photo Luminescent ashtray photo Photo of ashtray Ashtray photo

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Ashtray:

  1. Painted gadget can be charged in 3-5 minutes. It is amazing, considering the fact that it is able to glow for several hours after such a short charge.
  2. Light green and light blue paints provide the most powerful afterglow. After you charge the ashtray, it will become able to illuminate the surroundings.
  3. Luminous coating is very durable and resistant to cigarette stubbing.
  4. Cigars ashtrays have even better properties of the luminous coating, since the stubbing of a cigar transfers high temperatures to a glowing bottom.
  5. Glow gets brighter at the stubbing point (luminescent coating is also getting charged by the temperature). That's how you get a glowing dot.

Become a dealer of Noxton - the company of new ideas

Noxton Company reports that you can actually make a Glow in the Dark Ashtray by yourself.

In order to do this just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Choose the ashtray you like.
2. Apply a layer of luminous paint for glass, that you can always buy here, at Noxton.
3. Let the gadget dry and start to use it for its intended purpose.

By following these elementary instructions anyone may start his very own business from scratch.
We would always be glad to assist you in this activity.
We are looking for representatives and worthy partners in Ukraine, Russia, Europe and other countries. You may become a partner of Noxton Company and find out the cooperation conditions by contacting our Customer Service.

Unique ashtrays go well together with other products from Noxton, like decorative luminescent cups, modern self-glowing pens, contemporary light-accumulative souvenirs and others.

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