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Glow in the Dark Artificial Flowers

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Glow in the Dark Artificial Flowers
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Glow in the Dark Artificial Flowers

Glow in the Dark Artificial Flowers

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Luminous artificial flowers are heavily used in interior design. Here, at Noxton, you may order a single glowing artificial flower (just choose the one you prefer: luminous rose, self-glowing chamomile, luminescent tulip, glow sunflower, glow in the dark lilac, light-accumulative snowdrop and a lot more), luminous artificial flowers bouquet, glowing artificial flowers composition, glow in the dark artificial palm, decorative plants and other kinds of artificial plants.
The choice of the luminous artificial flowers depends just on your desires and preferences we offer a broad range of self-luminous decorative artificial plants.

That kind of products has an awesome feature: flowers glow in the dark. Autonomous glow is getting achieved by using a special composition which is applied to the surface of the artifical flower. Main ingredient of the luminous composition is a high quality glow powder TAT 33. The ability to glow in the dark has no time limit, just make sure that self-illumination was preceded by a charge cycle, using any source of light. However, no special activities are required: luminous artificial flower is being charged during the day, as well as when the room lights are on.
When it gets darker, luminescent flower begin to give up the energy that it has accumulated before. What is more, greater illumination contrast (like when the room was well lit at first, and then it abruptly becomes dark) results in more noticable glow of the flower in the dark. If it was a little bit dark for some time - glow duration gets shorter because the self-glow process starts with the slightest change of the room illumination.

Here you may buy the glow artificial flowers by making a preliminary order. However you can still make Glow in the Dark Flowers by yourself. It is especially important in case you need a composition of self-glowing dried flowers. In order to do this, you have to apply a luminous paint to the dried flowers. Paint is also available for sale here, at Noxton. The principle of self-illumination in these compositions will be the same as the one in our compositions.

Artificial flowers photo Artificial flowers composition photo Luminescent artificial flowers photo Pictures of artificial flowers

Composition of self-glowing artificial plants: Special glow paint is applied to a choosen artificial flower.

Purpose: May be used in interior or landscape design or as a unique present.

Properties of Glow in the Dark Artificial Flowers: Luminous flowers start to glow by themselves when it is dark. Glow duration depends on for how long the pre-charge from any source of light was going on. Glow time can be up to 6-7 hours, considering the extinction.

Lifetime of the artificial flower: Not limited in time, depends on the characteristics of the material artificial flower is made of. Lifetime of the luminous composition is not limited. Glow effect will not dissappear after years. It had been laboratory-proven that charge and light output cycles would still be repeating even after 200 years.

Self-glow colors: Green, light-blue, green, yellow-green, yellow, pink, dark pink, red, blue, orange and others.

Luminous plants safety: Totally harmless to humans, nontoxic, nonradioactive, won't cause an allergy.

Artificial flowers photo Picture of artificial flowers composition Artificial flowers compositions photo Artificial flowers picture

Interesting facts about Glow in the Dark Artificial Flowers:

  1. Due to the high light intensity of the glow coating of artificial flowers compositions they are able to illuminate the entire room after the lights are turned off.
  2. It is also possible to save the day color of the artificial flowers. At the same time, glow in the dark will be presented in green and light-blue spectrum.
  3. Artificial flowers bouquet is resistant to atmospheric factors. That's why, decorative PVC plants are often used in exterior design.

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Noxton Company reminds its customers that absolutely anyone can make artificial luminous flowers himself by following next instructions:

1. Buy a preferable type of decorative artificial flowers, a rose composition for example.
2. Apply the light-accumulative paint for PVC to the surface of a decorative plant.
3. Let self-glowing layer dry.
4. That's it. Luminescent artificial flower is ready to realize your design ideas.

Our experts will give you a detailed advice on any matter relevant to the process of making artificial flowers compositions or bouquets.
Your questions are welcome.
You may also be interested in glowing natural flowers or luminescent souvenirs from Noxton.

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