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GLOW IN THE DARK PAINT TAT 33 - KEY BENEFITS (make sure you've checked them out)

Luminescent paint made by Noxton Technologies has a number of advantages which help you to save money and get an excellent glow effect on different surfaces.
As for today, we have developed more than a dozen of different kinds of luminous paint for basic types of surfaces.
Despite the fact that each type of luminophore paint is intended to a certain material - general advantages of the Glow in the Dark Paint are about the same.

Why you should choose Glow in the Dark Paint made by Noxton?

1. Our self-glowing paint is made of modern Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33, made by ourselves.
It is the brightest glowing material in the World. To see the full list of the unique properties of glowing powder TAT 33 please proceed to this page.

2. We use the best clear mediums for our glowing paint.
Finished light-accumulative paint is itself a combination of two important components: Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 and clear basis. While first one provides the quality of glow, the second one ensures the quality of the surface.
Clear medium is responsible for the lifetime of the luminous cover, whether it will crack and peel off or will be destroyed by water or not.
Glow in the Dark Paint by Noxton consists of high quality clear resins and dispersions that provide an excellent glow of luminophor TAT 33 and the durability of the glowing cover.

3. Lifetime of Glow in the Dark Paint from Noxton for all the surfaces is about 200 years, thanks to "KeepSafe" technology.
It is the longest possible lifetime for finished luminous paint. Most of the luminescent paints will serve for just 1-1,5 years.

4. Light-accumulative paint made by Noxton Technologies has the lowest price and the best price/quality ratio.
That means a man or a company, that use our luminous compounds have a price and quality advantages to competitors.

5. Glow in the Dark Paint TAT 33 is absolutely harmless to humans.
Noxton Company claims it is the most important factor you should worry about.
Although the glow paint has a complete set of benefits for the customer, it's safety makes it absolutely unique.
People don't worry about their health when buying the Noxton luminescent paint, because they know it is a completely harmless product.

6. Glow paint TAT 33 has a small expenditure.
That means, you can actually paint more square meters with a liter of luminescent paint.
High coverage rate is definitely a distinct advantage. In fact, one liter of self-glowing paint TAT 33 can be compared to 1,5-2 liters of any other paint (at least considering the volume).

7. Noxton Glow in the Dark Paint looks awesome.
It's an important fact for partners, since the product uniqueness can be even seen in its details.

8. Every customer that acquires a glowing paint for wood, metal, glass and other surfaces, has a right for unlimited consultations.
That helps our clients to understand the properties of the glow effect and use a luminescent paint with a maximum efficiency.

9. Noxton Glow in the Dark Paint becomes more and more popular and appreciated day by day.
That's why our partners don't need to spend their time explaining the advantages of the luminous paint TAT 33. The product sells itself.

10. Noxton Company has the widest selection of Glow in the Dark Paint.
As for today, there are 19 types of luminescent paint, 9 colors to choose from and 3 kinds of basic luminescent pigment fractions. These facts make Glow in the Dark Paint TAT 33 by Noxton a convenient tool in the hands of a man when he wants to get an optimal glow effect on a particular material.

11. We are so much confident about the quality of our Glow in the Dark Paint TAT 33 that we have decided to launch a permanent special offer: "It can't be cheaper"!
According to this program you can buy a glowing paint which simulates a luminescent paint made by any other company, located in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. It will even have a better quality and lower price.

It becomes obvious that Noxton Company is an absolute leader in the field of Glow in the Dark Paint production, production of self-glowing compounds and finished luminous products.
All of our products are certified and have all the necessary permits.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them at "Contact Us" page

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