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Welcome, Dear visitors!

Noxton is a leading company in the field of luminescent materials that produces and ships worldwide a variety of products: Glow in the Dark Paint, glow powder TAT 33, luminescent paint, light reflective and fluorescent paint. These products have the best quality, service life and health safety rate that can be reached today (see below). Noxton ® concentrates its efforts on making various materials that have unique and fantastic self glow properties and are demanded in everyday life for many cases. Wide range of glowing paints and luminescent pigments makes it possible to meet the needs of every single customer. While being a leader in the field of new technologies, Noxton Company offers people with business mindset a special partnership program that allows anyone to start selling the newest and most requested products in his own region.

As of today we are glad to offer you several popular and modern trends.

  • Glowing paint from Noxton has an ability to glow autonomously in the dark after being charged by any source of light. Our luminescent paint is made the newest Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 and has the best brightness rate and glow duration! It is absolutely simple to work with it. For example, if you want to make glowing car rims, just apply the luminescent paint to the prepared rim surface and let it dry. From now on, every time the car gets into the darkness - rims surface starts to glow by itself. Luminescent glowing paint can be charged by sunlight, lamp, flashlight, ultraviolet - literally by any source of light. It even charges on a cloudy day. Noxton Company produces 19 different types of Glow in the Dark Paint - the widest range of qualitative paints in CIS! Learn more about the kinds of luminescent paints.

  • Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 is a luminescent pigment that actually provides the afterglow in the dark effect. We pay a lot of attention to this product because self-luminous paint is made with it, and according Noxton's ideology, it has to be the best paint on the market. Glow powder is an inorganic material that has effective glow duration of 8-12 hours. Luminescent pigment TAT 33 is nonradioactive, nontoxic, harmless to human's health, water resistant (extremely important fact) and inert. It is versatile and can be used in any industry: glowing tableware, luminescent stones, glow in the dark flowers, etc. While being a water resistant it can be even used in body art, nail or eyelash extension without causing harm to human's health. Please note: Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 has nothing to do with phosphorus and phosphoric paint and glows 20 times brighter than these kinds of materials. Glow powder production is quiet a complicated process. Noxton Company innovates and improves the composition and technical specifications of the luminescent pigment, while being an absolute leader in that field. As of today, there are more than 9 types of glow powder available for choose. Find out how to buy a high quality glow powder at our company.

  • Fluorescent paint is a paint that glows in ultraviolet rays. Unlike luminescent paint, it doesn't start to glow by itself and when you turn off the ultraviolet lamp - fluorescent effect disappears. Fluorescent paint is commonly used in night clubs, at parties, discos, various fashion shows, etc. Due to our KeepSafe technology (it applies to glowing paint as well), ultraviolet paint, in fact, has unlimited service life (the best product of the year). It also has perfect light fastness so it won't fade when exposed to sunlight. Noxton Company produces 18 types of fluorescent paints - the widest range in CIS! Transparent that glows in ultraviolet but stays invisible during the day is available for choose in 18 different kinds. Learn more about how to buy a fluorescent paint or transparent paint from Noxton Technologies and save money.

  • Light reflective paint starts to glow every time it gets exposed to a light ray. Light reflective effect is extremely important when performing road or area marking, producing street signs because it significantly increases the safety level of road users. Reflective paint is inorganic and produced in 4 different kinds. It also has high light output ratio. Peculiarities of our paint: low consumption, perfect coverage rate, KeepSafe technology (unlimited storage life) and resistance to external influences. Read more about the variety of light reflective paints.

  • Learn how to open a branch office in order to start selling glowing products on profitable terms and get the best benefits of working with the most demanded and qualitative paint on nowadays market.

Glass matting technology makes it possible to apply a beautiful matted drawing on glass, ceramic, mirror, granite, stoneware, porcelain and facing tiles surfaces. The vector matting effect becomes real when using matting paste. Here is how it works. Paste reacts with silicon in the upper layers of glass or mirror. Due to occurring reaction, the paste absorbs silicon formations and ensures the creation of matted surface. Glass matting technology is a perfect replacement for glass sandblasting.

"Drawing on glass" technology allows performing colored and raster matting. Colored glass matting has no even a little bit similar analogues. A special technology of adding carbon to the upper glass layer makes it possible to create colored drawings on its surface. Raster matting provides half toning - a unique Noxton's method.
At this time, Noxton Company is pleased to offer its customers several interesting products in that category:

  • Matting paste for glass provides vector matting. In other words, it is a valid replacement for sandblasting. In case of using our matting paste, the prime cost of the process will be reduced by several times. The product doesn't contain a hydrofluoric acid. It can be even used at home. Matting process lasts just about 15-20 minutes. Matting cream is applied to a cleaned and degreased glass using a trowel. After 20 minutes passed, the paste has to be put back in container and the remainings have to be washed off with running water. The matting process is completed.
  • Matting liquid for glass is used for complete glass matting. The liquid has the consistency of water. It can be easily used either when painting small glass objects or when you face a task to completely matt a large glass area.
  • Matting paste for granite contains large amount of active substance that is needed for absorbing more silicon from the regular granite or ceramic granite surface.

Glass matting paste is versatile and can be used repeatedly up to 7 times in order to create vector drawings. You can order colored and raster matting at our company. There is also a possibility to execute any order in a short time.

Noxton Company news block:

  • Learn how to correctly use the glowing polish from Noxton Tech. Noxton is happy to offer you a Glow in the Dark Nail Polish that has an ability to glow autonomously in the dark when the lady enters a darker place.
  • Have any questions about how to paint the rims with our glowing paint? Find out more about the glow rims. We provide our customers with a detailed instruction on how to apply Noxton's Glow in the Dark Paint.
  • Noxton Company offers you more than 40 kinds of finished luminescent products. Our company has now become an absolute leader not just in the field of self-luminous paint and glow powder production but also as a seller of the widest range of finished luminescent products.
  • Want to see the full list of advantages of our light accumulative paint? Check them out at Noxton's Glow in the Dark Paint features page.
  • Want to know how and where to buy a glow powder and luminescent paint from Noxton Tech (best sellers in many countries)? You will find the answers at our website. Best quality, affordable cost and unqiue company style of making the top products - that's what makes us the the largest supplier of high quality paints, enamels and luminescent pigments.

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